Saturday, March 7, 2009

WHAT... you havent been couponing?!?! starting to again though!!

I dunno if I can keep this blog up like I was doing.. but I would like to start posting deals again..
you read correctly.. I took a major break right after thanksgiving, and havent couponed much at all since. I started back up this wee and this was a great week to start. I havent been getting papers or coupon inserts and this week Wags had some great deals without coupons.
Today Nena and I (from "Watch Nena Save" blog) went to walgreens and got some of the Garnier deal, which is on sale $2.99, with a $2.00 coupon from the Easy Saver catalog from the front of their store, and the $1.00 off from inserts this was a $0.01 profit for EACH bottle we got.
I have to give a BIG thanks to Nena for trading half her coupons with me so I could be in on the deal as well! we both got TONS!
we also got some of the Colgate RR deals as well. I didnt have the $0.75 Q, but they are on sale $3.29 and you get a $3.50 RR printed back which is still a $0.21 profit. oh i had 1 coupon for the sense and spray on sale $7.99 w/$4.00 easy saver Q, and $4.00 insert Q a $0.01 mm, I only had 1 bummer, but 1 is better than none!!
we did have to go to 3 stores just to get all of the Garnier because of some having limits on how many you could buy.
total Garnier count
20 shampoo/conditioners
14 stylers

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