Thursday, March 26, 2009

Krogie - yeah Krogie

So I saw a deal for free stride gum at Kroger, from HCW, what would I do without it! also good deal on biscuits.
Stride gum 3/$2 30 packs = $20 used 10 $2/3 = FREE (broken into 4 transactions)
biscuits 4/$4 used .35, .30, .25 which each trippled = $1.55 each transaction (3 total)
Yakisoba $1.00 used .35 Q which tripled making it FREE
$1.55 total OOP get $2 OYNP catalina ($4.65 total for 3 transactions, total of $6 in catalinas) $1.35 Profit
I have to admit I coulda done a better deal If I woulda traded out the grands for one of the other kind of roll probably french bread. The coupon for the grands for $0.30 off 2, I thought 1, but I didnt bring ant "back up" coupons. oh well, I *may* go back later to exchange it, and bring the other coupon, or I may just keep them. still $1.35 "profit" isnt bad.

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