Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Kroger, CVS WAGs today..

hit up Kroger this am after my very needed massage! I didn't have the kids with me so it went super fast and I was able to get what I needed super quick. at least $69.99 worth of groceries and such for $12.24 OOP! 82.5% savings! (Valerie said "cheese me mom" so I had to take her pic.. she did do her own hair, lol)
then later in the afternoon I hit up CVS and Wags. I wasnt able to get eyeliner like I wanted (at CVS), the sale wasnt good enough, lol. but I did pick up some other things. the fire hats were on clearance for $0.39 ea, the car smellies were on clearance for $0.24-$0.34.. the irish spring and colgate were free after ECB (irish spring $0.50 MM after .50 Q)Hit up Walgreen's, traded in my $10RR from Dove for two light up easter cups (filler and for girl's easter basket) 2 Listerine and one reach floss, and I received a $6 RR at the end of transaction. Johnson lotion was free after Q.

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