Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Sept grand totals

since Sept 7th
grand totals

$196.03 Spent
$2033.21 saved
$2242.99 retail
90.65 % savings

Hit up 2 CVSs today- & got another rebate in!

I got in another rebate today. from J&J, scrubbing bubbles action scrubber $5.49, which I even used a $2.25 IP coupon when I bought the item, so this was a good money maker! (subtracting $5.49 from OOP!)
CVS- I got some candy.. good deal, esp w/ Halloween coming up
I am going to hide the majority of the candy or we will eat it all in one day. hahaha.
and DH won't know about cause he doesnt bother to read my blog, haha on him :)
I found some things in the clearance carts at both locations that I HAD to have, haha, some I had coupons for, most I didn't.
I won't spent much $ on dog toys since my dog will chew them up before the day is out. he has already chewed the squeaky out of the bowling pin toy within 30min. so I couldnt pass up the $0.49 toys, for Merlin's sake!!
Trans 1
Butterfingers fun size x2 $5.00
Baby Ruth fun size x2 $5.00
Covergirl foundation $5.49
Covergirl eyeshadow $5.49
$20.98 before Qs
$4/20 CVS CRT $4.00-
covergirl buy foundation get face product $5.49-
Covergirl $1.00-
CVS ECB $10.00-
$0.49 + .04 tax = $0.53 paid on gift card
Trans 2
gallon size bags $0.75 (reg $1.50)
snack bags $0.49 (reg $1.00)
squeaky dog toys x 2 $0.98 (reg $0.99ea)
Covergirl foundation $5.49
Covergirl eye shadow $4.99
$12.70 before Qs
covergirl buy foundation get face product $5.49- she typed this in but it *should* have been 4.99
covergirl $1.00-
CVS ECB $4.99-
CVS ECB $1.00
$0.22 + tax .02 =$0.24 paid on gift card
Trans 3 (2nd CVS)
Airborne $1.94ea x 7 $13.58 (reg $7.79ea)
shoe charm $0.19 (reg $1.99)
hannah montanah pen $0.25 (reg $2.49)
nestle jumbo 100ct candy bag $9.00 (reg $9.99)
bayer blood sugar monitor $14.99 (reg $79.99)
$38.01 before Qs
sugar monitor $14.99-
Airborne $2.00 x 7 = $14.00- (cashier did not adjust last coupon, overage, hurray)
$4/20 CVS CRT $4.00-
CVS ECB $4.99-
$0.03 total no tax , paid on gift card
Trans 4
portable mp3 speaker $1.99 (reg $7.99)
Revlon colorsilk hair color $0.82ea x2 $1.64 (reg$3.29) that doesn't sound right, but its what my receipt says and I am sticking to it for math purposes
xmas gel cling $0.49 (reg $1.99)
shoe charm $0.19ea x 3 $0.57 (reg$1.99ea)
covergirl foundation $5.49
covergirl eyeshadow $5.49
$15.67 before Qs
covergirl buy foundation get face product $5.49-
covergirl $1.00-
$1/2 revlon colorsilk $1.00-
CVS ECB $3.99-
CVS ECB $3.00-
$1.19 + .07 tax = $1.26 paid w gift card

Since Sept 7th-
$190.54 spent
$2253.76 saved
$2463.54 retail value

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Walgreens..Wags, Wags, Wal-Mart

I made trips to the 3 local wags I have in my town to find everything I needed. Later in the evening I went to Wal-Mart with my friend where I picked up a new shelving unit and a bathroom wire rack
Trans 1 Robitussin x3 = $15.00
pencil $0.39
$15.39 before Qs
3 Robitussin Qs $9.00-
Crest RR $4.50-
pencil 7 day Q $0.29-
$1.60 + tax $0.02- = $1.58 paid gift card
Trans 2 SAME
Trans 3 Crest mouthwash $4.49
crest Q $0.75-
$3.74 paid gift card
Trans 4 reach TB x 2 returned $5.00-
size 3 diapers returned $15.98-
$22.71 returned
Trans 5 size 5 diapers $7.99
size 5 diapers $3.99 (BOGO 50%)
reach TB x 2 $5.00
reach Qs $2.00-
$14.98 + $1.24 tax = $16.22 , paid w/ $22.71 - $6.49 left
Trans 6 Croc keychain $0.99 (reg $2.99) I collect keychains
Dr pepper $1.10
Fanta $1.39
PEZ batman $0.49 (reg $1.49)
Pez Joker
$0.49 (reg $1.49)
Crest mouthwash $4.49
Shackled Creature $19.99
$28.94 before Qs
2 Robitussin RR $20.00-
crest Q $0.75-
$8.19 + tax 0.37 = $8.56 paid $6.00 out of $6.49, $2.56 on gift card ($0.49 left)

Trans 1
Robitussin x3 = $15.00
pencil $0.39
$15.39 before Qs
3 Robitussin Qs $9.00-
Crest RR $4.50-
pencil 7 day Q $0.29-
$1.60 + tax $0.02- = $1.58 paid gift card get $10.RR
Trans 2 SAME
Trans 3 SAME
Trans 4 Dart gun set $6.99
Pony set $6.99
Pony set $0.00 (B2GO)
Halloween gel decor $1.99
Caution tape $1.99
Pumkin Decor $0.99
Wire cage creature $10.00
Scarecrow water ball $1.99
$30.94 before Qs
3 Robitussin RR $30.00-
$0.94 + tax 0.08 = $1.02 $0.68 on gift card $0.34 from $0.49 (I get to - $0.15 from my OOP!)

$31.70 Food
$35.76 shelves
$0.00 OOP
since Sept 7th
$196.03 Spent
$2033.21 saved
$2242.99 retail
90.65 % savings

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Wags..Target.. and wags exchange

I heart Pirates! When I saw these lights I couldn't resist. They were BOGO 50%, I had to get them. I even saw an improved version of the skull pole/stakes I got. I am going to exchange them for the pirate looking ones. The dish towels are cute, I only grabbed 2 at first, but the $10 RR wouldn't go through with out adding one more. the pumpkin candy dish was a cute must have as well. There were 3 of each Robitussin but I gave one of each away before I got home. :)
oh and I had a short melt down because I lost one of my coupon folder-holder, w $9.00 worth of RR in it. Luckily I got it back later in the evening after making a late night trip to wags.
my friend Nena and I got together for a friendly shopping trip, well 3 trips. 2 wags and 1 to Target. all listed in order.
and I got in another rebate.. this one for $4.99.. subtracting this from my OOP
trans 1 Halloween cups $0.29ea x 2 $.58
Robitussin x 3 = $15.00
15.58 before Q total
7 day Q for cups $0.32-
RR from Crest mouthwash $4.50-
3 Robitussin Qs $9.00-
$1.76 + tax 0.03- = $1.73 on gift card - get $10RR
trans 2 fall kitchen towels .99x3 = $2.97
Pumpkin glass jar $4.00
Crest mouthwash $4.49 (reg $4.99)
$11.46 before Qs
Crest wash $0.75-
Robitussin RR $10.00-
$0.71 after coupons paid gift card, get $10.00 RR
Trans 3 Halloween pencils x 2 $0.78
Robitussin x 3 $15.00
$15.78 before Qs
7 day Q pencils $0.58-
3 Robitussin Qs $9.00-
$1.70 + $0.05- tax = $1.65 paid on gift card get $10.00 RR
Trans 4 Skull stakes $9.99
Skull stakes $4.99 (BOGO 50%)
glade apple x 2 = $9.58 ($4.79ea)
Crest mouthwash $4.49
$29.05 before Qs
Glade BOGO Q $4.79-
Glade free no purchase $4.79-
Crest $0.75-
Robitussin RR $10.00-
$8.72 +$0.41 tax = $9.13 on gift card get $4.50 RR
Trans 5 Crest mouthwash $4.49
crest $0.75-
$3.74 after Qs paid on gift card
Target uhoh! I forgot to do the math on this one!! ( I will have to move this to a newer date, and factor in savings and OOP later)
Wags late trip- exchange training pants for size 3 diapers
exchange reg skull poles, for pirate pole skulls
get $4.33 on gift card (factoring in gift card savings later)
Since Sept 7th
$196.18 spent
$1797.59 saved
$2007.37 retail
89.85 % savings!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Rebates and rewards

I have recently gotten in some rebates, and rewards from the purchases of some of my items.
Herbal Essences sent me 2 vouchers good for 1 pedicure or 1 manicure per voucher
Pert Plus sent me a check for $3.79 from the purchase of their new scent of 2in1 shampoo, I think I paid $0.19 for the bottle, turned around and sold it in a yard sale for $2.00, and then I got the rebate for $3.79 .. which makes that a $5.60 money maker!
I also got in some coupons for pert plus, sure deoderant and gain, I hope to get good use out of the Qs!
I am adding in $150 savings and retail value to the totals for the free samples I got the other day.
and subtracting $3.79 from my OOP from the pert plus.
new totals
since sept 7th
$201.17 spent
$1708.39 saved
$1918.17 retail
89.06% savings

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Wags, CVS, CVS, Walmart, Wags.... done

WAGS-trans 1
Reach toothbrush x2 = $5.00
no coupons
w/tax $5.41 OOP- get $5 RR
Trans 2-
Robitussin x3 $15.00
bracelet filler $0.24 reg $0.99
$15.24 before coupons
Robitussin $3 Q x3 = $9.00-
RR from reach $5.00-
w/ tax $1.24 OOP - get $10 RR
Trans 3-
Little Mermaid LED light $5.99
Reach floss x2 = $5.00
$10.99 before coupons
RR from Robitussin $10.00-
$0.99 + tax = $1.07 OOP- get $5 RR
Trans 4-
Robitussin x3 $15.00
bracelet filler $0.24 reg $0.99
$15.24 before coupons
Robitussin $3 Q x3 = $9.00-
RR from reach $5.00-
w/ tax $1.24 OOP - get $10 RR
Trans 5-
skeleton toys x2 2 for $5.00 reg $2.99 each
Reach floss x2 = $5.00
$10.00 before coupons
RR from Robitussin $10.00-
$0.00 OOP- get $5 RR
CVS trans 1
Nivea $4.99
$1 nivea Q $1.00-
CVS ECB $3.99-
$0.00 OOP
trans 2
Nivea $4.99
$1 nivea Q $1.00-
CVS ECB $3.99-
$0.00 OOP
trans 3
cup $0.09 reg $0.99
Tattoos $0.39 reg $3.99
big chew gum $0.11 reg $1.19
Elvis bear $0.59 reg $5.99
nails wipes $0.09 reg $0.99
salt pepper $0.75 reg $1.50
Dawn $0.99 reg $2.39 (rain check price)
$3.01 before coupons
Dawn hand renewal $0.99-
ECB $2.00-
$0.02 after Qs
WAGS again Trans 1-
Robitussin x3 $15.00 reg $5.99 ea
Crest toothpaste $3.79 (wags $3.79 rebate)
Lypmoisture $1.99 (wags $1.99 rebate)
$20.78 before coupons
Robitussin $3 x 3 = $9.00-
Crest $0.75-
RR from Reach $5.00-
$6.03 after Qs used gift card- get $10 RR plus $5.78 + 10% = $6.35 back on gift card rebate
Trans 2-
Lighted Skull $7.99 (wags $3.00 rebate)
reach floss x2 =$5.00
$12.99 before Qs
$10 RR from robitussin $10.00-
$3.24 after Qs on gift card, get $5 RR and $3.00 + 10% = $3.30 back on rebate gift card
trans 3-
crest mouthwash $4.49
glade candles x2 = $5.98 (wags $1 rebate on each)
revlon nail polish $4.79 (wags $4.79 rebate)
Excedrine $3.99 (wags $3.99 rebate)
glade oil warmers x2 $9.98
$29.23 before Qs
(glade oil warmers wag rain check BOGO) $4.99-
glade GO (get one free) $4.99-
crest $0.75-
glade candles $1 on each $2.00-
revlon $2.00-
RR from Reach $5.00-
$9.50 + tax = $9.65 after Qs, get $4.50 RR and $10.78 + 10% = $11.85 on rebate gift card
I had a WM transaction bought paint.. saved $ buying there instead of Home Depot or Lowes
not adding in to savings..
since Sept 7th
$204.96 spent
$1706.89 saved
$1916.67 retail
86.05 % savings!!

Monday, September 22, 2008

I have a recomendation ... plus CVS exchange trip

Well I guess I am into recommendations now. I just used the Scrubbing bubble action scrubber for the first time, and I have to say that I REALLY like it.
Val had a poo accident today, and got it everywhere so into the tub she went. Well this was a prompt to get me to clean the tub before the day was out, it needed it before the poo incident anyway, lol.
so Scrubbing Bubbles action scrubber gets a thumbs up from me! Very easy to use and Very effective! gets the job done very well!

and for CVS today, I only had some exchanges. Some pads I bought awhile back, The purex I exchanged for the "mountain" scent, and the scary face thingy I got last night I exchanged for a small scarecrow wreath, which is very cute. (and I had to get $10 on a money card since the TP deal did not print my ECB last night!)
I also received 2 samples in the mail today. I sign up for these from Wal-Mart.com sample section. A sample magic eraser, and 2 cascade complete dishwasher tabs. I guess I could add them into my savings, but I havent decided one way or the other.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

3rd times the charm... nope.. CVS again.. and Kroger

well I wanted to use up the last of my $0.50 Cottonelle Qs.. so I made the 3rd CVS trip of the day (actually the 4th, but the 3rd time I shopped and actually bought)
I did ok, until I noticed they were ALL out of the crest pro health.. I had 3 transactions all planned out. first one went oof great.. then when I started loading up the cart for trans 2 and 3.. then the missing crest threw me off. plus the TP is so big and the carts are so small, it was hard balancing everything, then getting all my Qs together for the end, and I had to find another $2.99 item.. I found a Halloween filler. I really didn't know if I needed it, but I got it anyway.
The worst part happened at the end.. my $10 ECB didnt print, and now I have to go back and plea with mister Raphiel for the $10 on a gift card or something.
I will post transaction details in the morning, or sometime tomorrow. but I can't leave you without pics.
oh and I did Kroger , a fast trip.. I am donating alot of this to the Hurricane IKE people accepting donations etc. and I hope to get more stuff to donate.

another trip to CVS... grr

well I had to go ruin my day by going to another CVS.. grr.. lol
the other CVSs were all out of everything I needed except the paper towels. I had my trip all planned out, and that just busted my planning.. and I always choke and end up spending more OOP than I wanted, or originally planned.. Oh and the guy was trying to limit me on how many papers I could get. I told him they were out of everything else and I was not going to leave without 4 pks of paper towels.. not that same way of course, he talked to mgr and she okay'd it.. so here is what I ended up getting.
1st transaction
Viva paper towels x2 $6.49ea =$12.98 (reg $10.99 saved $4.50ea)
Malt O Meal cereal frosted flakes $0.25 (clearance, reg $1.00 saved $0.75)
Princess Lunch tote $2.49 (reg$9.99 saved$7.50)
candy corn $0.99
chocolate covered peanuts $0.99
12pks of two count schick disp razors $0.99ea = $11.88
$29.58 before coupons
coupons used
$5/25 CVS CRT $5.00-
CVS ECB $5.99-
CVS ECB $6.00-
shick disp razor $2.00 x6 one adjusted = $11.88-
viva paper towels coupon $0.35x2 = $0.70-
$0.01 OOP after coupons paid cash (no ECB back)
2nd transaction
Hershey chocolate bar $0.79
Airborn $0.78ea x2 = $1.56 (reg $7.79 saved $7.01ea)
Malt o meal frosted $0.25 (reg $1 saved $0.75)
Viva paper towels x2 $6.49ea =$12.98 (reg $10.99 saved $4.50ea)
crest pro health $2.99ea x 2 = $5.98 (reg $3.89 saved $0.90ea)
purse make-up bag thingy $3.75 (reg $14.99 saved 11.24)
$25.31 before coupons
coupons used
$5/25 $5.00- (and this one was expired, the guy was cool and actually let me use it!)
CVS ECB $9.00-
viva paper towels coupon $0.35x2 = $0.70-
crest pro health $0.75ea x2 = $1.50-
airborn $2.00, adjusted to $1.60- (woohoo overage, since the guy wasnt doing the math to a T)
$7.51 + $0.17tax , $7.68 after coupons
money card from nail polish exchange, got $ back $2.13-
$5.55 OOP after all savings!! got back $14.00 ECB , from crest and paper towels (I am behind by $12.55, but I can bump that up later hopefully! I would have been ahead if they had the things I needed in stock!)
since Sept 7th
$193.32 spent
$1450.07 saved
$1649.30 retail value
87.92% savings!
and here is a pic of the girls happily munching on their yummy GIANT Popsicles :)

starting the day off with CVS and TP

I had to get the TP trip out of the way. they were all out of the nivea for men.. no big deal, I found other ways to complete my 2nd transaction, plus Paul isnt that crazy about the stuff. That doesnt mean I am going to stop looking for it, or buy it, lol!! I know others who DO like and and would love to have it.. maybe even as a gift, haha.. 2 transactions today so far
1st transaction
Cottonelle TP x2 $6.49ea = $12.98 (reg $9.49ea, saved $3.00 ea)
Loreal Advanced anti wrinkle serum $11.99 (reg$16.69 saved $4.70)
$24.97 total before coupons
coupons used
CVS CRT $4off$20purchase = $4.00-
CVS CRT $5.00 preventative face treatment $5.00-
Loreal product $3.00-
Cottonelle $0.50x2 = $1.00-
CVS ECB from flavorice $10.00-
$1.97 w/ tax $2.13 OOP after coupons, on card (earned $11.99 ECB back on this transaction)
2nd transaction
plastic storage box (filler) $0.75 (reg $1.49 saved $0.74)
Cottonelle TP x2 $6.49ea = $12.98 (reg $9.49ea, saved $3.00 ea)
Crest Pro Health $2.99 (reg $3.89 saved $0.90)
Purex $2.99 (reg $5.99 saved $3.00)
FlaVorIce $3.74 (reg $14.99 saved $11.25)
$23.45 before coupons
coupons used
CVS CRT $4off$20purchase = $4.00-
CVS ECB from flavorice $5.00-
CVS ECB from loreal anti wrinkle $11.99-
crest pro health $0.75-
Cottonelle $0.50x2 = $1.00-
Purex $0.50-
total after coupons $0.21 OOP paid cash
(earned $18 ECB back)
( $10 for TP, $5 flavor ice, $1 for Purex & $2 for crest)
Looks like I "earned" money buying these things, ( I got back more ECBs than I shelled out including the EBCs I spent on these transactions)!!!! how AWESOME!
Since Sept 7th
$187.76 spent
$1350.77 saved
$1540.35 retail value
87.69% savings

Target, Walmart, HEB, Walmart.. whew what a day

had a busy busy day.. and a surprising day as well.. I seem to have "found" some $$.. which I am rolling into savings when I use this special $$.. I am also planning on sharing what I get from this blessing. :)
Lysol nutra air $5.99 x3 $11.98
smart taste pasta $1.49ea x2 $2.98
tomato sauce $0.92
wipe off book $2.24 reg$3.99
ore ida fries and tator tots $2.59x4 $10.36
$28.83 before Qs
coupons used
Target printable $1.00off 2 ore ida x2 = $2.00-
Ore Ida $1.00off 2 =$2.00-
lysol nutra air $5.00x2 = $10.00-
samrt tast paste $1.00x2 = $2.00-
total after Qs $12.83 OOP

my large walmart trip.. all in bags.. then unbagged..

lots and lots of food..
I did use $4.00 in coupons!
$359.35 retail value :D
HEB - have more stuff that is not pictured, but it was melting or needed to be frozen.
$102.10 retail value
I did use $21.64 in coupons (the cookies were free WYB the nestle, I have $0.55 coupons for each of those, so good deal!! and the bertolli, I had $1.50 coupons for those, and then the Ice Cream was free, 2 containers!!)

Lysol neutra air $6.00 x3 = $18.00 reg $10.00ea
febreeze noticeables $5.97 x5 = $17.91
calculator (Valerie broke mine!)$1.00
plastor paint ponies $2.48
pink clogs $1.00ea x2 = $1.00 reg $10.00ea
coupons used
$5.00 lysol x3 = $15.00-
$5.00 Febreeze x5 =25.00

since Sept 7th
$185.42 oop
$1271.94 saved
$1459.34 retail value
87.16% savings

Saturday, September 20, 2008

CVS, WAGS, Walmart, SAMS

well I had an ok time yesterday. I found alot of cool things at Target. Mainly school related / crafting things, which I love. CVS had a great deal on Popsicles, buy @ $3.74ea get $5 ECB back ea, limit 5!! walmart was missing a bunch of things I wanted, and one thing rang up for too much, so I am going to add that transaction and total later today. ADD- I went with my mom to sams club and she picked up the tab on these things, I don't know if on purpose, but if so, thanks mom :) , I am going to add those savings later as well.

Fla.Vor.Ice $3.74ea x3 = $11.22, reg $14.99ea (one given away to mom)
storage bins $0.70 ea x3 = $2.37, reg $1.39ea
sprite (not pictured, small bottle) $1.39
CVS ecb $3.00
CVS ecb $3.99
CVS ecb $1.00
CVS ecb $4.00
total OOP after Qs $3.19

measure tape $1.24 reg $4.99
cat toy $0.48ea x2 = $0.96, reg $1.99ea
cutting tool $0.97 reg $3.88
Renuzits Tri Scents $4.99 x4 = $19.96
glue pen $0.48 reg $1.99
Preschool book $3.49
5" scissors $0.48 reg $1.99
2 pk scissors $0.35 reg $1.42
messfree color wonder x4 $1.24ea = $4.96 , reg $4.99ea
pink boxes x3 $0.17ea =$0.51 reg$0.69ea
easy mac x4 $0.77ea = $3.08
Visine x2 $2.91 ea= $5.82, reg $3.20ea
pet bowl x2 $1.42 ea = $2.84, reg $5.99ea
$45.14 before Qs
coupons/discounts used
Visine $3.00 x2 = $6.00-
color wonder peelie $0.50x4=$2.00-
easy mac $1/2 x2 = $2.00-
Triscents $4.00x4 = $16.00-
gift card from another deal $5.00-
$15.01 after coupons! (oop)
(adding discounts from below later)


(toy pictured returned due to rung up wrong price, and kinda worn not calculated in trans or savings)
febreeze noticables $5.97ea x3
shirt x2 $5.00ea reg $8.97
$36.97 before Qs
coupons used
$5 noticables Q x3 = $15.00
total after Qs $13.97

these are all approx prices..
Crackers $3.50
bread $3.50
book $7.97
mandarine oranges $4.00
butter $6.00
canned chicked $6.97
10lb sugar $4.57
(after all 3 transactions-)
since Sept 7th-
$148.07 spent
$727.88 saved
$878.28 retail value
82.88% savings

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

found more Almay coupons, swung by CVS

I had 4 almay $1/1 coupons from an older insert in my binder. I went through my pile of inserts I've collected outside the ones I get delivered, and found 5 more. I then found they were in this weeks smartsource and found 2 more. I now have 11 total. 7 of which I got today.
7 Almay facial soap $0.99ea = $6.93
7 $1/1 coupons (last one adjusted) =$6.93
since Sept 7th-
$115.90 spent
$550.11 saved
$669.40 retail shelf value
82.18% savings

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

late walmart trip

ah, I'm tired. make this short and simple.. hopefully
6 buddies bars $0.99 ea = $5.97
M&M candy not pictured $0.58
child proof door lock $4.46
total (w/ tax) $11.76
coupons used
2 $3.00 johnson johnson products $6.00-
total after Q $4.86
since Sept 7th
$115.90 spent
$543.18 saved
$662.47 retail value
81.99% savings!

Back to CVS!! and trip to Wally world (walmart)

I took the trip to CVS first as I knew I wanted to get milk at walmart. I felt so good to be in CVS again, lol. BUT I was really bummed about missing the clearance summer items! they were taking them down, and were regular price again! ugh.. so here is what I did score.
( I already have ECBs (extra care bucks), and I will count them only as I redeem them, even if the deal is a $$ maker, I wont count it till later)

2 transactions 2 cards..
Aleve D cold and sinus $3.99
Excedrine express $3.99
Zipfizz x2 $0.00 (rain check for free after ECBs reg $5.99, saved $11.98)
Almay face wash bar $0.99ea x 4 =$3.96
total $11.94
Almay $1/1 x4 (one adjusted) $3.96-
Aleve D IP (internet printed) $1.00-
ECB from another deal $6.00-
$0.98 OOP paid cash
card 2
Aleve D cold & sinus $3.99
Excedrine express $3.99
Chronicle newspaper x2 = $3.50
total $11.48
aleve D IP Q $1.00-
ECB from another deal $9.00-
$1.48 OOP paid cash

Walmart (I got overage on some Qs!)
I dont think I am going to list everything, that would be too long?!
anyway.. some of the things I used coupons on or saved on wic
2 gallons whole milk $6.98
2 gallons 2% milk $6.96
4 grape juice $6.28
2 doz eggs $2.60
huggies wipes $0.98
2 pks clean team wipes $3.28
clean clear face wash $0.97
dove small shampoo $0.97
buddies soap bar $0.97
4 zatarains rice sides $5.86
before coupon/wic total = $51.83
coupons/ wic used
milk $6.98-
milk $6.96-
eggs $2.60
Juice $6.28-
Dove hair $2.00-
clean clear face $1.00-
buddies product $1.00-
zatarains $0.75x 2 = $1.50-
huggies bath/body $1.00-
huggies clean team $3/2 $3.00-
after Q total $19.51
since Sept 7th
$115.29 spent
$542.42 saved
$657.71 retail shelf value
82.47% savings!

Monday, September 15, 2008

oh so soft laundry.. wags

well I needed fabric softener, wags had bogo on their store brand. and since they had given me $$ back at another store for exchanging diapers, I took some of my bigger sizes to trade for smaller, since Val isnt as big as Veronica. I ended up ahead again, even with the fabric softener sheets. I do think that the softener sheets did not ring BOGO, I did not fight is as I was ahead anyway. walked out with $4.76
(no receipt)

Since Sept 7th-
$93.32 spent
$477.16 saved
$570.48 retail shelf value
83.64% savings

Sunday, September 14, 2008

went out searching for a paper... came back with this

Everyone is sold out of papers. I went out, without the kiddos, and searched for a paper at numerous locations no luck. I do have Good news, I found out my mom has coupons for me. The Friday paper had them in there and she will get them to me later.
Anyway, while I was at wags, this time at a more local store, I found these Items I couldn't live without, and burned through the last of my Register Rewards. The girls toys, and such are going to be stored for gifts. It is cheaper to get things like this as so I wont break the bank when christmas, or a birthday rolls around!
The diapers and training pants were actually from an exchange. I brought in 2 packs, which I needed bigger sizes, the mgr gave me $7.99 ea credit, and that totaled $15.98, but the sale right now is BOGO 50% off (buy one get one 50% off) so after that re-ring of the bigger diapers, the new total was -$4.33 (with tax) so I *made* $4.33.. I did spend some on the oop, BUT whatever is left over from that I am going to subtract that from my total OOP, so I dont have to remember to take off that amount later.
and I am not calculating the other part of the diaper into this deal, just the get back amount of the refund.
Loreal wrinkle serum $16.49 (which is FAR, free after rebate)
Princess dress up x 2 @ 6.99ea = $13.98
kitchen mixer $0.00 (toy deal BOGO)
8-cup rice cooker $4.19 (on clearance reg $15.99)
tax $0.14
coupons used
$10 Robitussin RR x 3 = $30.00-
loreal $3/1 $3.00-
$1.80 cash total OOP, used $ from the exchange.

since Sept 7th
$98.08 spent
$471.16 saved
$569.24 retail shelf value
82.77% savings!
$0.00 RR left to spend

I have to have the essentials after hurricane IKE...

lol.. taking a trip to get out of the house, leads to more savings, lol!
on another note, our sunday papers were not delivered, ahh. well if thats the worst thing that has happened to us from the hurricane, then that is A OK!! I'll just have to pick a couple up at the corner store.
these are the essentials needed after the storm.. haha.
Trip to Wags -

Wags trans
floppy dog toy $2.00
groovin scary man $9.99
Tomb stones x3 @ 3/$10 - $10.00 (reg $3.99 ea) saved $1.97 buying 3
skull fence $10.00
tax $0.16 -
coupons used
$10 RR from robitussin x 3 = $30.00-
total after Qs $2.15 OOP
Trip to CVS
CVS trans
Dawn hand renewal $0.99 ea x 2 = $1.98 (reg $2.39 each rain check savings of $1.40 ea)
hand renewal $1.00/1 x2 adjusted to $0.99ea = $1.98-

(factored in the reg price of all the Robitussins which is normaly $5.99ea)
since Sept 7th-
$100.61 spent
$501.71 saved
$602.32 retail shelf value
83.29% savings!!
($30.00 RR left to spend)

Friday, September 12, 2008

theres a storm a brewing.. coming right for us.. IKE!

and all I can think about is wags and Robitussin.. lol, not really. got a call that they had more tussin at this store, and headed out w/ Qs in hand to get some. I had been needing to get to a store to buy sprite, as we had a little one with an upset stomach, and I thought maybe *I* felt a little illness coming on, and we all know what the lemon lime drink does for upset stomach, make it all better.. well for me it helps alot. heres what we left with. excuse the ripped magazine my littlest one grabbed it off the shelf and tore it, so we bought it! ugh, anyway..

9 robitussin $3.99ea = $35.91
2 wags brand sprite $0.99= $1.98
12pk canned sprite $4.00
1 magazine $3.99
1 chemistry leave in conditioner $7.99 (free after rebate!)
coupons used
9 robitussin $3.00= $27.00-
RR from S/B deal $10.00-
total OOP $17.69 (had a mad rush w/ the storm coming, buying stuff not on sale, and w/out RR, eeek ouck!)
$30RR back though (using towards later purchases)

since Sept 7th
$98.46 spent
$378.97 saved
$477.43 retail shelf value
($60.00 in RR left to spend)

Thursday, September 11, 2008

could not resist another trip

returning yet another red box DVD outside a local wags.(the Morgue.. don't rent this. BAD)
Good news about the wags brand acid controller, its FREE after rebate, so I will submit it for Sept rebates, and get the $7.99 back + 10% on a gift card ( I will factor these into my savings and spending at a later time, I will not reflect that until I actually get the gift card, and use it on a future purchase!) I did not have to pay but $0.96 OOP and am getting $8something back!! :)

Walgreens brand Acid
control complete 25ct $7.99
Robitussin x3 @ $3.99ea = $11.97
total = $19.96
coupons used
Robitussin $3.00 x3 = $9.00--

RR from S/B deal $10.00-
total OOP $0.96 paid cash

since Sept 7th-
$80.77 spent
$341.97 saved
$422.74 retail shelf value
$80.89% savings!!
($40 RR left to spend)

lovely day at wags... am I a Wags girl now, lol

well I had 4 trips total to 3 Walgreen's today (so far)
and I have accumulated $56.94 (retail price) worth of merchandise from Wags, for $0.00 OOP AND my $20.34 RR left to spend has been increased to $40 RR left to spend!
the 4 trips breaks down into 4 very confusing transactions. (I had to return some of the stuff at another store, only to re-purchase it as to combine it with their stock to get a better deal in RR)
I will try and explain what I have done, I am just going to combine it into one transaction, and write my post transaction totals on the bottom like I normally do.. it just wont add up any other way.

here goes.
Robitussin x6 $3.99ea = $23.94

tic tacs $0.99
S/B brush kit x5 $3.79ea =$18.95
S/B action scrubber kit $3.79
Windex $2.49
Wags drink $0.25
Coupons used--
Robitussin $3.00- ea =$18.00-
S/B brush kit $3.00- ea x5 = $15.00-
S/B action scrubber kit $2.75
Windex $0.75-
$3/$10 wags grand opening - $3.00
and used RR gift card for anything left over leaving me w/ $0.00 OOP

Since Sept 7th 08-
$79.81 spent
$322.97 saved
$402.78 retail shelf value
80.19% savings!
($40 in RR left to spend!)

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

needed for kitty

I was out renting a movie at the Red Box rental kiosk outside one of the Wags in my town, I couldn't resist going in to see if they had some clearance items I was looking for.
I did not see the items I had in mind, but did come across this pet carrier bag for $3.75 clearance.
I am taking Chaos (our kitty) to the SPCA to be fixed around sept 29th, and needed something to carrier her in, this is perfect. I did not want to spend $25 on a plastic pet carrier I would only use maybe a handful of times, plus this one folds away for easy storage.. and its cute!
pet carrier $3.75 (reg $15)
tax $0.31
total - $4.06
used Gift card RR
$0.00 oop

since Sept 7th 08
$79.81 spent
$266.03 saved
$345.84 retail shelf value
76.92 % savings!!
$20.34 RR left to spend (at wags)

Walgreens!! found the cleaning wipes, woohoo

( I am going to play catch up.. working my way backwards)
I had been looking at all the Walgreen's around here, and they had been sold out!
I poped into a wags in Sugar Land, and low and behold, they had them!!
I needed 7, and thats exactly what they had.. 7!
when you buy 7 a $10 RR prints out good OYNO (on your next order)
I had to get a filler, the candy, take 5 for Paul, lol.

one transaction
Scrubbing bubbles flushable wipes x7 $2.49ea =$17.43
Take 5 candy $0.89
tax $0.11
total before coupons $18.43
coupons used
Scrubbing bubbles flushable wipes $1.00- x7 = $7.00
$10 RR (Register Reward) from Robitussin $10.00-
total $1.43 used gift card (from RR)
$0.00 OOP !

spent $0.00
saved $18.43

Since Sept 7th 08-
$79.81 spent
$251.03 saved
$330.84 retail shelf value
75.88% SAVINGS!!
($24.40 RR left to spend)

Walgreens trip - from 9-8-08

what could we *need* around the house, lol!
this pic is a combination of the past couple of Wags trips I've had.

one transaction...

Chex mix x 2 $0.99ea = $1.98
Cheetos $2.69
Donuts $2.79
Fritos $2.69
Owens Sausage x2 $1.70ea = $3.40(rain check bogo) reg $3.49ea
Owens Sausage x2 $1.69ea = $3.38
tax $0.25- (yes negative)
total before Qs $16.93

Coupons used
2 $1.00 off chex $1.98- (adjusted to reflect $0.99 sale price)
$3off $10 purchase $3.00-
$10 RR from robitussin $10.00-

total after coupons $1.70 paid cash

Since Sept 7th 08-
$79.81 spent
$232.60 saved
$312.41 retail shelf value
74.45% savings!!
(25.83 RR left to spend)

More wags stuff :)

some transactions that include some of the above pictured.

Turkey Lunch meat x2 $3.99ea = $7.98
Kraft Mayo $5.99
Grape Jelly $2.79
Nesquik choc milk mix $3.29
Hannah Montana pencils $0.49
tax $0.27
total before Qs $20.54

coupons used
$10 Register reward from Robitussin $10.00-
$10 Register reward from Robitussin $10.00-
total $0.81 oop paid cash
saved $20.00

Since Sept 7th 08-
$78.11 spent
$210.44 saved
$288.55 Retail shelf value
72.93% savings!

THE Robitussin buy out... lol awesome deal

Robitussin $3.99 each x 24
before coupons $95.76
Robitussin $3.00 Qs x 24 $72.00-
After coupon total = $23.76
saved $72.00

Another transaction
8-cup rice cooker clearance $4.29 (reg $15.99)
Kids wooden picnic table $14.99 (reg$29.99)
Oust surface and Air sanitizer x6 $17.94
Tic Tacs (for the kids) $0.99
Foaming hand soap $2.19
tax $1.84
total before Qs - $40.30
coupons used
Oust BOGO Qs $2.99 ea $8.97-
Oust $1/1 coupons $3.00-
Wags IVC x6 $6.00-
RR Robitussin $10.00-
RR Robitussin $10.00-
$4.17 on RR gift card
saved $68.94

Since Sept 7th 08
$77.30 spent
$190.44 saved
$267.74 retail shelf value
71.12% savings!
$25.83 RR left to spend

First post.. woohoo

well, I created this blog to mainly help myself keep track on my spending and savings.
I would like to be able to keep up with the shopping and deals I come across, and be able to share pictures, have a running tab on my spending amount, saving amount, retail shelf value of merchandise, and also have my savings into percentages!!
This will be a little rocky at first, as I don't know how well I will be at blogging.
I have a notebook to help me keep track as well, so IF I get behind I can catch up via notebook, lol.
keep in mind I have had 2 yard sales with LOTs of items from my stash and made a little over $200 which helped buy our family a new black gas range!! .. I at one time had over 80 bottles of Herbal Essences Shampoo and Conditioner!!

here is a look at my stash since starting couponing approx 3 mo ago. I keep most of it in my closet.. I am having to start to finding other places to keep things, since I get tons of great deals all the time.