Sunday, September 21, 2008

starting the day off with CVS and TP

I had to get the TP trip out of the way. they were all out of the nivea for men.. no big deal, I found other ways to complete my 2nd transaction, plus Paul isnt that crazy about the stuff. That doesnt mean I am going to stop looking for it, or buy it, lol!! I know others who DO like and and would love to have it.. maybe even as a gift, haha.. 2 transactions today so far
1st transaction
Cottonelle TP x2 $6.49ea = $12.98 (reg $9.49ea, saved $3.00 ea)
Loreal Advanced anti wrinkle serum $11.99 (reg$16.69 saved $4.70)
$24.97 total before coupons
coupons used
CVS CRT $4off$20purchase = $4.00-
CVS CRT $5.00 preventative face treatment $5.00-
Loreal product $3.00-
Cottonelle $0.50x2 = $1.00-
CVS ECB from flavorice $10.00-
$1.97 w/ tax $2.13 OOP after coupons, on card (earned $11.99 ECB back on this transaction)
2nd transaction
plastic storage box (filler) $0.75 (reg $1.49 saved $0.74)
Cottonelle TP x2 $6.49ea = $12.98 (reg $9.49ea, saved $3.00 ea)
Crest Pro Health $2.99 (reg $3.89 saved $0.90)
Purex $2.99 (reg $5.99 saved $3.00)
FlaVorIce $3.74 (reg $14.99 saved $11.25)
$23.45 before coupons
coupons used
CVS CRT $4off$20purchase = $4.00-
CVS ECB from flavorice $5.00-
CVS ECB from loreal anti wrinkle $11.99-
crest pro health $0.75-
Cottonelle $0.50x2 = $1.00-
Purex $0.50-
total after coupons $0.21 OOP paid cash
(earned $18 ECB back)
( $10 for TP, $5 flavor ice, $1 for Purex & $2 for crest)
Looks like I "earned" money buying these things, ( I got back more ECBs than I shelled out including the EBCs I spent on these transactions)!!!! how AWESOME!
Since Sept 7th
$187.76 spent
$1350.77 saved
$1540.35 retail value
87.69% savings

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