Sunday, September 21, 2008

Target, Walmart, HEB, Walmart.. whew what a day

had a busy busy day.. and a surprising day as well.. I seem to have "found" some $$.. which I am rolling into savings when I use this special $$.. I am also planning on sharing what I get from this blessing. :)
Lysol nutra air $5.99 x3 $11.98
smart taste pasta $1.49ea x2 $2.98
tomato sauce $0.92
wipe off book $2.24 reg$3.99
ore ida fries and tator tots $2.59x4 $10.36
$28.83 before Qs
coupons used
Target printable $1.00off 2 ore ida x2 = $2.00-
Ore Ida $1.00off 2 =$2.00-
lysol nutra air $5.00x2 = $10.00-
samrt tast paste $1.00x2 = $2.00-
total after Qs $12.83 OOP

my large walmart trip.. all in bags.. then unbagged..

lots and lots of food..
I did use $4.00 in coupons!
$359.35 retail value :D
HEB - have more stuff that is not pictured, but it was melting or needed to be frozen.
$102.10 retail value
I did use $21.64 in coupons (the cookies were free WYB the nestle, I have $0.55 coupons for each of those, so good deal!! and the bertolli, I had $1.50 coupons for those, and then the Ice Cream was free, 2 containers!!)

Lysol neutra air $6.00 x3 = $18.00 reg $10.00ea
febreeze noticeables $5.97 x5 = $17.91
calculator (Valerie broke mine!)$1.00
plastor paint ponies $2.48
pink clogs $1.00ea x2 = $1.00 reg $10.00ea
coupons used
$5.00 lysol x3 = $15.00-
$5.00 Febreeze x5 =25.00

since Sept 7th
$185.42 oop
$1271.94 saved
$1459.34 retail value
87.16% savings

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Nena2007 said...

Ahhh!!! That is the plaster ponies you were talking about! I was thinking ponytails and I couldn't figure it out :) LOL!