Sunday, September 14, 2008

I have to have the essentials after hurricane IKE...

lol.. taking a trip to get out of the house, leads to more savings, lol!
on another note, our sunday papers were not delivered, ahh. well if thats the worst thing that has happened to us from the hurricane, then that is A OK!! I'll just have to pick a couple up at the corner store.
these are the essentials needed after the storm.. haha.
Trip to Wags -

Wags trans
floppy dog toy $2.00
groovin scary man $9.99
Tomb stones x3 @ 3/$10 - $10.00 (reg $3.99 ea) saved $1.97 buying 3
skull fence $10.00
tax $0.16 -
coupons used
$10 RR from robitussin x 3 = $30.00-
total after Qs $2.15 OOP
Trip to CVS
CVS trans
Dawn hand renewal $0.99 ea x 2 = $1.98 (reg $2.39 each rain check savings of $1.40 ea)
hand renewal $1.00/1 x2 adjusted to $0.99ea = $1.98-

(factored in the reg price of all the Robitussins which is normaly $5.99ea)
since Sept 7th-
$100.61 spent
$501.71 saved
$602.32 retail shelf value
83.29% savings!!
($30.00 RR left to spend)

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