Thursday, September 11, 2008

could not resist another trip

returning yet another red box DVD outside a local wags.(the Morgue.. don't rent this. BAD)
Good news about the wags brand acid controller, its FREE after rebate, so I will submit it for Sept rebates, and get the $7.99 back + 10% on a gift card ( I will factor these into my savings and spending at a later time, I will not reflect that until I actually get the gift card, and use it on a future purchase!) I did not have to pay but $0.96 OOP and am getting $8something back!! :)

Walgreens brand Acid
control complete 25ct $7.99
Robitussin x3 @ $3.99ea = $11.97
total = $19.96
coupons used
Robitussin $3.00 x3 = $9.00--

RR from S/B deal $10.00-
total OOP $0.96 paid cash

since Sept 7th-
$80.77 spent
$341.97 saved
$422.74 retail shelf value
$80.89% savings!!
($40 RR left to spend)

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Nena2007 said...

Hey Wags buddy :) Looking good!