Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Rebates and rewards

I have recently gotten in some rebates, and rewards from the purchases of some of my items.
Herbal Essences sent me 2 vouchers good for 1 pedicure or 1 manicure per voucher
Pert Plus sent me a check for $3.79 from the purchase of their new scent of 2in1 shampoo, I think I paid $0.19 for the bottle, turned around and sold it in a yard sale for $2.00, and then I got the rebate for $3.79 .. which makes that a $5.60 money maker!
I also got in some coupons for pert plus, sure deoderant and gain, I hope to get good use out of the Qs!
I am adding in $150 savings and retail value to the totals for the free samples I got the other day.
and subtracting $3.79 from my OOP from the pert plus.
new totals
since sept 7th
$201.17 spent
$1708.39 saved
$1918.17 retail
89.06% savings

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