Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Walgreens!! found the cleaning wipes, woohoo

( I am going to play catch up.. working my way backwards)
I had been looking at all the Walgreen's around here, and they had been sold out!
I poped into a wags in Sugar Land, and low and behold, they had them!!
I needed 7, and thats exactly what they had.. 7!
when you buy 7 a $10 RR prints out good OYNO (on your next order)
I had to get a filler, the candy, take 5 for Paul, lol.

one transaction
Scrubbing bubbles flushable wipes x7 $2.49ea =$17.43
Take 5 candy $0.89
tax $0.11
total before coupons $18.43
coupons used
Scrubbing bubbles flushable wipes $1.00- x7 = $7.00
$10 RR (Register Reward) from Robitussin $10.00-
total $1.43 used gift card (from RR)
$0.00 OOP !

spent $0.00
saved $18.43

Since Sept 7th 08-
$79.81 spent
$251.03 saved
$330.84 retail shelf value
75.88% SAVINGS!!
($24.40 RR left to spend)

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