Friday, September 12, 2008

theres a storm a brewing.. coming right for us.. IKE!

and all I can think about is wags and Robitussin.. lol, not really. got a call that they had more tussin at this store, and headed out w/ Qs in hand to get some. I had been needing to get to a store to buy sprite, as we had a little one with an upset stomach, and I thought maybe *I* felt a little illness coming on, and we all know what the lemon lime drink does for upset stomach, make it all better.. well for me it helps alot. heres what we left with. excuse the ripped magazine my littlest one grabbed it off the shelf and tore it, so we bought it! ugh, anyway..

9 robitussin $3.99ea = $35.91
2 wags brand sprite $0.99= $1.98
12pk canned sprite $4.00
1 magazine $3.99
1 chemistry leave in conditioner $7.99 (free after rebate!)
coupons used
9 robitussin $3.00= $27.00-
RR from S/B deal $10.00-
total OOP $17.69 (had a mad rush w/ the storm coming, buying stuff not on sale, and w/out RR, eeek ouck!)
$30RR back though (using towards later purchases)

since Sept 7th
$98.46 spent
$378.97 saved
$477.43 retail shelf value
($60.00 in RR left to spend)

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