Sunday, September 21, 2008

3rd times the charm... nope.. CVS again.. and Kroger

well I wanted to use up the last of my $0.50 Cottonelle Qs.. so I made the 3rd CVS trip of the day (actually the 4th, but the 3rd time I shopped and actually bought)
I did ok, until I noticed they were ALL out of the crest pro health.. I had 3 transactions all planned out. first one went oof great.. then when I started loading up the cart for trans 2 and 3.. then the missing crest threw me off. plus the TP is so big and the carts are so small, it was hard balancing everything, then getting all my Qs together for the end, and I had to find another $2.99 item.. I found a Halloween filler. I really didn't know if I needed it, but I got it anyway.
The worst part happened at the end.. my $10 ECB didnt print, and now I have to go back and plea with mister Raphiel for the $10 on a gift card or something.
I will post transaction details in the morning, or sometime tomorrow. but I can't leave you without pics.
oh and I did Kroger , a fast trip.. I am donating alot of this to the Hurricane IKE people accepting donations etc. and I hope to get more stuff to donate.

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Nena2007 said...

LOL I just added some abbreviations, and i see you did too! You have way more than me, im stealing them :)