Thursday, September 11, 2008

lovely day at wags... am I a Wags girl now, lol

well I had 4 trips total to 3 Walgreen's today (so far)
and I have accumulated $56.94 (retail price) worth of merchandise from Wags, for $0.00 OOP AND my $20.34 RR left to spend has been increased to $40 RR left to spend!
the 4 trips breaks down into 4 very confusing transactions. (I had to return some of the stuff at another store, only to re-purchase it as to combine it with their stock to get a better deal in RR)
I will try and explain what I have done, I am just going to combine it into one transaction, and write my post transaction totals on the bottom like I normally do.. it just wont add up any other way.

here goes.
Robitussin x6 $3.99ea = $23.94

tic tacs $0.99
S/B brush kit x5 $3.79ea =$18.95
S/B action scrubber kit $3.79
Windex $2.49
Wags drink $0.25
Coupons used--
Robitussin $3.00- ea =$18.00-
S/B brush kit $3.00- ea x5 = $15.00-
S/B action scrubber kit $2.75
Windex $0.75-
$3/$10 wags grand opening - $3.00
and used RR gift card for anything left over leaving me w/ $0.00 OOP

Since Sept 7th 08-
$79.81 spent
$322.97 saved
$402.78 retail shelf value
80.19% savings!
($40 in RR left to spend!)

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