Monday, September 22, 2008

I have a recomendation ... plus CVS exchange trip

Well I guess I am into recommendations now. I just used the Scrubbing bubble action scrubber for the first time, and I have to say that I REALLY like it.
Val had a poo accident today, and got it everywhere so into the tub she went. Well this was a prompt to get me to clean the tub before the day was out, it needed it before the poo incident anyway, lol.
so Scrubbing Bubbles action scrubber gets a thumbs up from me! Very easy to use and Very effective! gets the job done very well!

and for CVS today, I only had some exchanges. Some pads I bought awhile back, The purex I exchanged for the "mountain" scent, and the scary face thingy I got last night I exchanged for a small scarecrow wreath, which is very cute. (and I had to get $10 on a money card since the TP deal did not print my ECB last night!)
I also received 2 samples in the mail today. I sign up for these from sample section. A sample magic eraser, and 2 cascade complete dishwasher tabs. I guess I could add them into my savings, but I havent decided one way or the other.

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