Sunday, September 21, 2008

another trip to CVS... grr

well I had to go ruin my day by going to another CVS.. grr.. lol
the other CVSs were all out of everything I needed except the paper towels. I had my trip all planned out, and that just busted my planning.. and I always choke and end up spending more OOP than I wanted, or originally planned.. Oh and the guy was trying to limit me on how many papers I could get. I told him they were out of everything else and I was not going to leave without 4 pks of paper towels.. not that same way of course, he talked to mgr and she okay'd it.. so here is what I ended up getting.
1st transaction
Viva paper towels x2 $6.49ea =$12.98 (reg $10.99 saved $4.50ea)
Malt O Meal cereal frosted flakes $0.25 (clearance, reg $1.00 saved $0.75)
Princess Lunch tote $2.49 (reg$9.99 saved$7.50)
candy corn $0.99
chocolate covered peanuts $0.99
12pks of two count schick disp razors $0.99ea = $11.88
$29.58 before coupons
coupons used
$5/25 CVS CRT $5.00-
CVS ECB $5.99-
CVS ECB $6.00-
shick disp razor $2.00 x6 one adjusted = $11.88-
viva paper towels coupon $0.35x2 = $0.70-
$0.01 OOP after coupons paid cash (no ECB back)
2nd transaction
Hershey chocolate bar $0.79
Airborn $0.78ea x2 = $1.56 (reg $7.79 saved $7.01ea)
Malt o meal frosted $0.25 (reg $1 saved $0.75)
Viva paper towels x2 $6.49ea =$12.98 (reg $10.99 saved $4.50ea)
crest pro health $2.99ea x 2 = $5.98 (reg $3.89 saved $0.90ea)
purse make-up bag thingy $3.75 (reg $14.99 saved 11.24)
$25.31 before coupons
coupons used
$5/25 $5.00- (and this one was expired, the guy was cool and actually let me use it!)
CVS ECB $9.00-
viva paper towels coupon $0.35x2 = $0.70-
crest pro health $0.75ea x2 = $1.50-
airborn $2.00, adjusted to $1.60- (woohoo overage, since the guy wasnt doing the math to a T)
$7.51 + $0.17tax , $7.68 after coupons
money card from nail polish exchange, got $ back $2.13-
$5.55 OOP after all savings!! got back $14.00 ECB , from crest and paper towels (I am behind by $12.55, but I can bump that up later hopefully! I would have been ahead if they had the things I needed in stock!)
since Sept 7th
$193.32 spent
$1450.07 saved
$1649.30 retail value
87.92% savings!
and here is a pic of the girls happily munching on their yummy GIANT Popsicles :)

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