Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Back to CVS!! and trip to Wally world (walmart)

I took the trip to CVS first as I knew I wanted to get milk at walmart. I felt so good to be in CVS again, lol. BUT I was really bummed about missing the clearance summer items! they were taking them down, and were regular price again! ugh.. so here is what I did score.
( I already have ECBs (extra care bucks), and I will count them only as I redeem them, even if the deal is a $$ maker, I wont count it till later)

2 transactions 2 cards..
Aleve D cold and sinus $3.99
Excedrine express $3.99
Zipfizz x2 $0.00 (rain check for free after ECBs reg $5.99, saved $11.98)
Almay face wash bar $0.99ea x 4 =$3.96
total $11.94
Almay $1/1 x4 (one adjusted) $3.96-
Aleve D IP (internet printed) $1.00-
ECB from another deal $6.00-
$0.98 OOP paid cash
card 2
Aleve D cold & sinus $3.99
Excedrine express $3.99
Chronicle newspaper x2 = $3.50
total $11.48
aleve D IP Q $1.00-
ECB from another deal $9.00-
$1.48 OOP paid cash

Walmart (I got overage on some Qs!)
I dont think I am going to list everything, that would be too long?!
anyway.. some of the things I used coupons on or saved on wic
2 gallons whole milk $6.98
2 gallons 2% milk $6.96
4 grape juice $6.28
2 doz eggs $2.60
huggies wipes $0.98
2 pks clean team wipes $3.28
clean clear face wash $0.97
dove small shampoo $0.97
buddies soap bar $0.97
4 zatarains rice sides $5.86
before coupon/wic total = $51.83
coupons/ wic used
milk $6.98-
milk $6.96-
eggs $2.60
Juice $6.28-
Dove hair $2.00-
clean clear face $1.00-
buddies product $1.00-
zatarains $0.75x 2 = $1.50-
huggies bath/body $1.00-
huggies clean team $3/2 $3.00-
after Q total $19.51
since Sept 7th
$115.29 spent
$542.42 saved
$657.71 retail shelf value
82.47% savings!