Friday, June 24, 2011

HEB is coming around lately!

good deal on cereal & free dressing-
(also click HERE to find an HEB scenario to include a free cars 2 movie ticket and a cars 2 toy!)
1st transaction
cocoa puffs $2.75 x 4 = $11.00
HN Cheerios $2.54 x 4 = $10.16
Bisquick $0.77 x 2 = $1.54 (must get the mix BTFE on the package)
$22.70 total - coupons used:
$4 off 4GM cereals x2 (in store yellow coupon) = -$8.00
$1.10/2 & $1/2 gm cereal IPs = -$2.10
brings total to $12.60 ($5 BTFE catalina prints before you pay & cashier let me use it on my current transaction) -$5.00 = $7.60 for 8 boxes of cereal & 2 pouches of bisquick mix
(or $0.76 per item!!!)
- Also, I got another catalina for $2 off 5 boxes of gm cereal, which was great since I only had the 2 IPs
not listing everything pictured, though I did use my mastercards from the battery promo, I was able to get those quick and only had to pay $11.50 out of pocket toal for everything in the picture, bread too which isnt pictured, lol)
(kens dressing is on sale for $1 used $1 coupon from 5/8 ss to get it FREE)
transaction 2
Cookie Crisp $2.58 x2 = $5.18
Trix $2.83 x2 = $5.66
Reese PB Puffs $2.98 x2 = $5.96
Cin Toast crunch $2.54 x2 = $5.08
Bisquick $0.77 x2 = $1.54
$23.42 total, coupons used:
$4/4 gm cereals x2 = -$8.00
$2/5 gm cereal cat (from previous transaction) = -$2.00
$13.42 total, and since the $5 btfe cat prints before you pay, I got to use it on my current order (your cashier may or may not allow this) = $8.42 for 8 boxes of cereal and 2 pouches of bisquick mix ($0.84 per item)
the cheaper cereal yields the best deal (HN cheerios, cookie crisp, & cin toast crunch which will make your total around $6.86 or $0.69 per item)

**BTFE (box top for education) is running a promo for $5 catalina when you buy 10 items that have a BTFE on the item. promo ends 6/28 so HURRY

thanks Katy Couponers

Monday, May 23, 2011

HEB fun - FREE ice cream, BBQ sauce & almost free batteries

get everything pictured here for just $0.10 cents! (plus tax of $3.30) after all savings and money cards!! $3.40 is GREAT !!
details -
Currently, HEB has a YQ (yellow HEB in store coupon) for a free 1/2 gallon of Creamy Creation ice cream when you buy participating Energizer batteries.
They have another YQ for a free $10 HEB gift card when you buy any combination of $25 worth of Energizer Batteries, Schick Razors, Playtex Infant, Playtex tampons, Banana Boat, Hawaiian Tropic or Wet Ones.(The "B" coupons can be combined w mfg coupons per HEB's coupon policy)
They have a 3rd YQ for $1 off select size Energizer batteries (4 ct AA and AAA, 2 ct C and D and 1 ct 9V)

And finally, they have special 8ct packages with a little blue insert inside which can earn you a $10 debit card or $10 into your paypal account when you collect 3 codes (limit 4 rewards per household) you HAVE to purchase these to qualify for the $10 card See picture below:here is how it worked out for me -
1st transaction -
Energizer Max AA 8ct $5.97ea x 3 = $17.91
used 3 $1 Energizer insert coupons from my 5-22 SS (also can be found in the 5-1 SS) =$14.91
Energizer Max AAA (or AA) 4ct $3.57ea x 2 = $7.14
used 2 YQs for $1 off select Energizer (used for the 2ct pks) =$5.14
$17.91 +$7.14 = $25.05 (before coupon price) which qualifies for the free $10 gift card
( I have heard there are C & D 2 pks which are close in price to the 4ct AA or AAA which will work if your store carries these, may be priced different, so it might not be exactly the same cost though)
Creamy Creation ice creams $4.48ea x 3 = $13.44
used 3 YQs for free ice cream WYB batteries (only the 8ct qualifies for the ice cream) so FREE
(I found these YQs both near the ice cream and near the batteries)

HEB gift card $10 x 1 (must grab gift card yourself or ask cashier to do so) = $10 used 1 YQ for free $10 gift card wyb $25 worth of Energizer( found near batteries) = $0

KC masterpiece $1 x 3 = $3 used 3 $1 coupons from 5/15 SS = $0

total $20.05 + tax = $21.70
got the $10 gift card, and submitted the 3 codes for $10 mastercard = $1.70 total for everything!

2nd transaction almost identical to the first minus the kc masterpiece, and I paid with the $10 gift card from the first transaction, so my total was $11.70 and submitted these 3 codes for another $10 mastercard. $1.70 total for everything.

=$3.40 cost for
52 AA batteries
12 AAA batteries
6 1/2 gallons of ice cream
3 bottles of BBQ sauce

thanks Katy Couponers

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Randalls Run

I got everything pictured + pack of M&Ms not pictured (Val ate them) for $3.44 out of pocket, and I left with a $4.00 catalina, good towards my next shopping order.
(HAHA the tooth brushes alone are enough to last my girls more than a year, & I still have a few in my stash from my previous years of couponing!!)
the best deal was the reach toothbrushes, and glad I checked again because they were out the other day.
thru 6/12 get up to a $4 catalina WYB reach toothbrushes.
buy 2 get $1, buy 3 get $2, 4 or more get $4 (must be purchased in the same transaction)
there were kids 2pks for $1.87, also 1pks for the same price, and a coupon for $2off any reach 2pk, or $2 any 2 singles. If you can get 4 of the 2 packs, thats the best deal.
4 2pks @ $1.87 ea = $7.48, you can use 4 x $2 coupons which brings the total to -$0.52 and then you get a $4 CAT, over a $4 money maker!
my store only had 2 2pks, so I got 2 singles to bring it to 4packs total-
1st transaction -
2 pack - $1.87
2 pack $1.87
1 single $1.87
1 single $1.87
used 3 $2 coupons (-$6) = $1.48
used also a $1 cat I found on the floor = $1.01 OOP (should be lower but the tax was all screwy!!)
and got a $4 catalina
2nd transaction
4 singles $7.48 used 3 $2 coupons = $1.48 = tax = $1.60 OOP
got another $4 catalina
3rd transaction
2 joint juice 50% off on clearance rack = $1.50 ($0.75ea) used 2 $1 coupons = -$0.52
2 packs of 6ct paper towels $4.99ea 2 day in store coupon = $9.98 used $2 coupon from facebook game = $7.98
pack of M&Ms not pictured, Val ate them $1.19
$8.65 total used the 2 $4 catalinas I just received and then a + tax = $0.83 OOP I also got another $4 catalina for buying the Viva towels!

I don't know how long the paper towel catalina in running, but I got $4 when I bought the 2 packs of paper towels, and the in store coupon I think is only good through today, saturday?

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Keurig B60

After receiving a roach infested used Keurig on Ebay (seller was really nice and refunded my $ within an hour), I decided I needed to buy new, I still however did not want to pay retail for it, and they are selling from about $139.99 - $149.99 in stores, and most big online stores. I did run across a seller "coffeehots" on ecrater (which is a host for online stores, kinda like ebay), and they (coffeehots) stated the item was brand new, and according to the buyer feedback the Keurigs were sent directly from Keurig. I paid $90.99 with free shipping, ordered it on Saturday and it got here today Wednesday! It is shipped from Keurig, and I opened it up and its identical to the ones sold in stores, extra sample k-cups and all!!!
I am making up the difference in what I paid for this new one by selling the 4 pieces that came off of the used Keurig since the seller did not want it back, and the pieces that came off were easily cleaned and sanitized in bleach, and were really popular on ebay. I have already made $24 off of 2 of the items selling via "buy it now" making the cost of the new one now at $66.99!!! and if I sell the other items at their minimum auction price that will bring it down to $49.99!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

another good Target deal - FREE top

go to the Target website "coupons" HERE & under Apparel and Accessories there is a $3 coupon
off Women's plus size apparel item. you can print 2 of these.
There are some plus size shirts in the Clearance section for $3.00 so you can get 2 tops for free.
If you are not plus size, you can give them as a gift, or donate them to a womens shelter.
I only found 1 at my store, but I had 3 kiddos with me, and of course it wasn't easy to look, but 1 is better than none. Good luck at your store!!

LAST DAY get Pirates of the Carribean on BluRay + DVD combo pack $10

If you hurry you can get this great deal -
It is listed that the BluRay + DVD 3 disc combo packs are on sale through today Saturday for $14.99 - and for each dvd combo pack you purchase you get a free special figure, a Target exclusive priced at $7.99
you have to pay the $14.99 and then when you get the reciept you'll notice that the figure has a refund value of $5.21, and you can take the figure alone and get the $5.21 back, making the combo pack less than $10 total each!!!
or you can opt to keep the figure, and its still a good deal.
in addition if you grab specially marked packs there is an offer for a FREE movie ticket (which has to be mailed in for) which is an $8.50 value!!
(oh and don't forget they come with Disney Reward points which you enter, and redeem for special items)

Monday, February 7, 2011

Parenting {The Early Years} Magazine 2 Years for just $2

Hurry up this deal ends soon!!

Get 2 years of Parenting {The Early Years} magazine for just $2

This is a great magazine and I read it on a regular basis, and is a great price at $2. It also has some great savings coupons inside from time to time, in the past that has included coupons for popular toys, 20% off diapers on amazon, and coupons for Gymboree.

to get in on this deal head over to Eversave and choose Providence - RI as your city, enter your email and click "get daily deals" when taken to the next screen look on the right and click the parenting magazine deal, it shows it is $5, a 50% discount. Click "buy now" and when at the check out enter promo code TOUCHDOWN and apply, it will then take $3 off your order, bringing it down to $2.

There is $2 that Eversave adds to your account for signing up, but this cannot be used on this deal, but can be used on future deals.

thanks my frugal adventures

Saturday, February 5, 2011


Papa Johns is running a promo, and you could get a FREE PIZZA if the Super Bowl goes into overtime.

go to and register for an account, if you don't already have one (go ahead and do that NOW so you sure to have a chance)

go to "my account" and scroll down and click + papa points, to add papa points to your account, the balance will read "0", but if the game goes overtime, they will add 25 points to your account which is redeemable for a free pizza!

I'm signed up, are YOU?

thanks My Frugal Adventures

Friday, February 4, 2011

Diaper Deals

I had a baby Dec 1st 2010, so I'm definitely back in the diaper buying game.
I found these great deals on diapers shipped for free to your home.
I am going to post my specific deal, but there are many ways to combine them with other brands and sizes of diapers, and wipes and save a bundle.

I went to and added a box of size 2 Pampers baby Dry diapers 228 ct to my cart via "subscribe and save" "subscribe now" button. The normal subscribe and save amount is 15%, but if you join Amazon Mom, it takes off another 15% for 30% off total, in addition you get free shipping ( believe it is 2 day shipping!)

Amazon mom is free, and subscribe now is free as well, and once you sign up for the subscription you don't have to keep it, you can cancel it as soon as you place the first order. just go under "my account" and click manage subscriptions, and cancel the items you want to cancel, and no further obligations.

the original/ sale price of this box of diapers is $41.99, subtract 30% = $29.39 $0.13/diaper!
for an even sweeter deal, if you have a Babytalk, American Baby, Parenting the Early Years or Fit Pregnancy magazines be sure to look inside for coupons for 20% off or $10 off diapers! I had a baby talk magazine and found the 20% off coupon, added at the check out page, and it brought my total down to $20.99!

and yes there is another way to save - I used a $5 e-gift card from swagbucks which is a search engine, and when you sign up and use it, you earn points and you can redeem those points for lots of cool prizes including gift cards. I had enough to get a $5 ecard to, I applied it to my order, and I am only paying $15.99 shipped! $0.07/diaper!
Search & Win

My Frugal Adventures