Saturday, May 14, 2011

LAST DAY get Pirates of the Carribean on BluRay + DVD combo pack $10

If you hurry you can get this great deal -
It is listed that the BluRay + DVD 3 disc combo packs are on sale through today Saturday for $14.99 - and for each dvd combo pack you purchase you get a free special figure, a Target exclusive priced at $7.99
you have to pay the $14.99 and then when you get the reciept you'll notice that the figure has a refund value of $5.21, and you can take the figure alone and get the $5.21 back, making the combo pack less than $10 total each!!!
or you can opt to keep the figure, and its still a good deal.
in addition if you grab specially marked packs there is an offer for a FREE movie ticket (which has to be mailed in for) which is an $8.50 value!!
(oh and don't forget they come with Disney Reward points which you enter, and redeem for special items)

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