Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Keurig B60

After receiving a roach infested used Keurig on Ebay (seller was really nice and refunded my $ within an hour), I decided I needed to buy new, I still however did not want to pay retail for it, and they are selling from about $139.99 - $149.99 in stores, and most big online stores. I did run across a seller "coffeehots" on ecrater (which is a host for online stores, kinda like ebay), and they (coffeehots) stated the item was brand new, and according to the buyer feedback the Keurigs were sent directly from Keurig. I paid $90.99 with free shipping, ordered it on Saturday and it got here today Wednesday! It is shipped from Keurig, and I opened it up and its identical to the ones sold in stores, extra sample k-cups and all!!!
I am making up the difference in what I paid for this new one by selling the 4 pieces that came off of the used Keurig since the seller did not want it back, and the pieces that came off were easily cleaned and sanitized in bleach, and were really popular on ebay. I have already made $24 off of 2 of the items selling via "buy it now" making the cost of the new one now at $66.99!!! and if I sell the other items at their minimum auction price that will bring it down to $49.99!

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