Wednesday, September 10, 2008

needed for kitty

I was out renting a movie at the Red Box rental kiosk outside one of the Wags in my town, I couldn't resist going in to see if they had some clearance items I was looking for.
I did not see the items I had in mind, but did come across this pet carrier bag for $3.75 clearance.
I am taking Chaos (our kitty) to the SPCA to be fixed around sept 29th, and needed something to carrier her in, this is perfect. I did not want to spend $25 on a plastic pet carrier I would only use maybe a handful of times, plus this one folds away for easy storage.. and its cute!
pet carrier $3.75 (reg $15)
tax $0.31
total - $4.06
used Gift card RR
$0.00 oop

since Sept 7th 08
$79.81 spent
$266.03 saved
$345.84 retail shelf value
76.92 % savings!!
$20.34 RR left to spend (at wags)

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