Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Hit up 2 CVSs today- & got another rebate in!

I got in another rebate today. from J&J, scrubbing bubbles action scrubber $5.49, which I even used a $2.25 IP coupon when I bought the item, so this was a good money maker! (subtracting $5.49 from OOP!)
CVS- I got some candy.. good deal, esp w/ Halloween coming up
I am going to hide the majority of the candy or we will eat it all in one day. hahaha.
and DH won't know about cause he doesnt bother to read my blog, haha on him :)
I found some things in the clearance carts at both locations that I HAD to have, haha, some I had coupons for, most I didn't.
I won't spent much $ on dog toys since my dog will chew them up before the day is out. he has already chewed the squeaky out of the bowling pin toy within 30min. so I couldnt pass up the $0.49 toys, for Merlin's sake!!
Trans 1
Butterfingers fun size x2 $5.00
Baby Ruth fun size x2 $5.00
Covergirl foundation $5.49
Covergirl eyeshadow $5.49
$20.98 before Qs
$4/20 CVS CRT $4.00-
covergirl buy foundation get face product $5.49-
Covergirl $1.00-
CVS ECB $10.00-
$0.49 + .04 tax = $0.53 paid on gift card
Trans 2
gallon size bags $0.75 (reg $1.50)
snack bags $0.49 (reg $1.00)
squeaky dog toys x 2 $0.98 (reg $0.99ea)
Covergirl foundation $5.49
Covergirl eye shadow $4.99
$12.70 before Qs
covergirl buy foundation get face product $5.49- she typed this in but it *should* have been 4.99
covergirl $1.00-
CVS ECB $4.99-
CVS ECB $1.00
$0.22 + tax .02 =$0.24 paid on gift card
Trans 3 (2nd CVS)
Airborne $1.94ea x 7 $13.58 (reg $7.79ea)
shoe charm $0.19 (reg $1.99)
hannah montanah pen $0.25 (reg $2.49)
nestle jumbo 100ct candy bag $9.00 (reg $9.99)
bayer blood sugar monitor $14.99 (reg $79.99)
$38.01 before Qs
sugar monitor $14.99-
Airborne $2.00 x 7 = $14.00- (cashier did not adjust last coupon, overage, hurray)
$4/20 CVS CRT $4.00-
CVS ECB $4.99-
$0.03 total no tax , paid on gift card
Trans 4
portable mp3 speaker $1.99 (reg $7.99)
Revlon colorsilk hair color $0.82ea x2 $1.64 (reg$3.29) that doesn't sound right, but its what my receipt says and I am sticking to it for math purposes
xmas gel cling $0.49 (reg $1.99)
shoe charm $0.19ea x 3 $0.57 (reg$1.99ea)
covergirl foundation $5.49
covergirl eyeshadow $5.49
$15.67 before Qs
covergirl buy foundation get face product $5.49-
covergirl $1.00-
$1/2 revlon colorsilk $1.00-
CVS ECB $3.99-
CVS ECB $3.00-
$1.19 + .07 tax = $1.26 paid w gift card

Since Sept 7th-
$190.54 spent
$2253.76 saved
$2463.54 retail value


Nena2007 said...

Whats the deal with the eyeshadow? I want eye shadow!!!

Nena2007 said...

and whats the deal with the airborne?