Sunday, September 14, 2008

went out searching for a paper... came back with this

Everyone is sold out of papers. I went out, without the kiddos, and searched for a paper at numerous locations no luck. I do have Good news, I found out my mom has coupons for me. The Friday paper had them in there and she will get them to me later.
Anyway, while I was at wags, this time at a more local store, I found these Items I couldn't live without, and burned through the last of my Register Rewards. The girls toys, and such are going to be stored for gifts. It is cheaper to get things like this as so I wont break the bank when christmas, or a birthday rolls around!
The diapers and training pants were actually from an exchange. I brought in 2 packs, which I needed bigger sizes, the mgr gave me $7.99 ea credit, and that totaled $15.98, but the sale right now is BOGO 50% off (buy one get one 50% off) so after that re-ring of the bigger diapers, the new total was -$4.33 (with tax) so I *made* $4.33.. I did spend some on the oop, BUT whatever is left over from that I am going to subtract that from my total OOP, so I dont have to remember to take off that amount later.
and I am not calculating the other part of the diaper into this deal, just the get back amount of the refund.
Loreal wrinkle serum $16.49 (which is FAR, free after rebate)
Princess dress up x 2 @ 6.99ea = $13.98
kitchen mixer $0.00 (toy deal BOGO)
8-cup rice cooker $4.19 (on clearance reg $15.99)
tax $0.14
coupons used
$10 Robitussin RR x 3 = $30.00-
loreal $3/1 $3.00-
$1.80 cash total OOP, used $ from the exchange.

since Sept 7th
$98.08 spent
$471.16 saved
$569.24 retail shelf value
82.77% savings!
$0.00 RR left to spend

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Nena2007 said...

you found another rice cooker? No fair! I will HAVE to look for these!