Monday, March 9, 2009

recycle center and Walgreens day

so I got to get some great inserts from the recycle center today. I left there with a handful of coupons to use right then for free items at walgreens.
Everything you see in the picture are from the inserts I pulled out at the recycling center!! I spent about 45 min there which went by so fast, I didn't think I had stayed there that long, but I had.
Walgreens - more fructis (which I have even more of those coupons that came in Sunday's paper which I bought 4 of, and 1 from my mom) I am counting these from the coupons I got from the recycling center today. Walgreens has limited how many fructis you can buy at once. BUMMER more unnecessary trips for this stuff, but I cant pass up FREE. I will just have to pass Wags on the way home form picking up Ryan.
Glade spray and scented oil, after ES Q are $3.99, and with $4 insert Q, makes them $0.01 mm got 5 total 2, spray and 3 oil.
gamer razor, $0.99 after RR and insert Q, got 2.. free gum coupons had 2.. johnsons body lotion $1 off any 1, )$0.99 ea making them free after Q (adjusted down) filler pencil

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