Saturday, March 14, 2009

Walgreens, Walmart... missed posting my Kroger deals

I am posting my Wags deals. BUT I missed posting my Kroger mega deals from last night. It was late, 1am. Nena and I had a late trip, but did good, esp me seeing as I was missing lots of inserts, and one of the items we used as fillers they were almost out of.. we made do and made it work. I got about $117.09 or more worth of groceries, and only paid 29.33 OOP!!! 75% savings! (at least)
Walgreens deals. last minute
I saw on someone elses blog about the AcneFree. the tubes were $3.19, and the foam wash were $4.19, when you buy 3 in a transaction you get a $8 RR printed back. I got 9 total, 3x$3.19 and 6x$4.19 (which I broke up into 3 transactions and 2 stores) which =s $34.71 -$9 (on each used $1/1 Q)= $25.71 - $24 in RR that printed back.. = $1.71 for 9 items!! I didnt pay any OOP, and used RR to make the gift card total REALLY low... 3 More sense and spray $0.01 overage each, glade oil fan thingy $0.01 overage. memory booster $19.99 FAR (free) 2 princess bowls $1.99 ea and peeps $0.69 used as filler to use $10 RRs..
dog food $5 for a 4lb bag.. x5, use $5 off Q making them floss $1, w/ $1 Q, FREE x2.. looking for Nena to donate her $5 dog food/cat food Qs to me, lol..

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