Thursday, March 19, 2009

Walmart, Wags deals

Wags has Soleil Razors (and refills) on clearance for $3.59, we have $2.00 off coupons from the 3/15 SS (smart source) coupon inserts, AND Wags has the easy saver coupon for $2.00 of each pack, making this a $0.41 MM EACH.
picked up another set of 3 for the Reach deal, chocolate bunnies for the razor overage & needed for Easter baskets. also bought 2 small bunnies for Easter, as a filler to use my $10RR from Dove to pay. used $10RR plus $1.50 OOP got $6RR back (easter bunnies were 2/$5 I only needed a $4 filler, but sprung for the cute bunnies)
Walmart deals, well the only "deals" I got were the dog food which was FREE, $5, used $5, coupon. Huggies wipes about $2.39 with $3 coupon gave $0.61 overage. All you Mags (have great coupons inside) $2.24 ea, used $0.50 Q inside magazine, makeing them $1.75ea, plus a decent read. Everything else was free via WIC.

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Helen said...

Hope you don't mind me saying this and take it in the spirit I mean it! I'm happy to see you getting good deals at stores while needing to use WIC. I used to work at a grocery store and you would see the women with WIC buying other stuff full price, no coupon, etc. I am trying not to over-generalize here, but it seems a lot of people who receive help like that don't take a few minutes to see how they can save elsewhere when they need to use their own cash. Surely you will be blessed for being so smart with your resources!