Thursday, March 19, 2009

more walmart and wags today

Walmart had snuggle fabric softener roll back to $4.00 for 50load bottle. There are $2 IPs, bought 2, for $2/ea. I LOVE fabric softner. More IAMs dog food $5, used $5 Q FREE. finally got eyeliner, $2.86, used $1Q, $1.86 for two eyeliner pencils and a sharpener.Had to make a stop at Wags to return a RedBox DVD before it charged me for the night. I went in to check for soaps. they had no reg sizes but 7 trial sizes, I got 5 along with 3 deos, total was around $12, including the candy, and using 1 $1.25Q and 1 $1.50Q for the Deos. used 2 $6RR from reach, paid $0.46 OOP, got $10RR back.

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