Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sunday Deals.. CVS WAGS.. also Petsmart and Walmart

so I hit up CVS and WAGS early this morning. well not THAT early, but I ran into Nena and we made gal pals shopping sunday!
CVS (was 1st) Irish Spring $4.99ea -$0.50 Q ($4.49) , $4.99 back in ECB made this a $0.50mm each. the toothpaste was free after ECBs no coupons to make it a mm. The soft and dry roll on was $2.99 w/ $2 ECB printed, w/2x $2 IPs made this a $1mm each.
WAGS (hit up 3 stores) Dove single bar soaps were 25% off which made them $1.19ea, buy 8 participating Dove products get $10 RR back (there are other Dove RR deals, buy 6 get $6 RR etc) 8x$1.19= $9.52, get $10 RR back making that a $0.48mm.. Dove deo $2.06 after 25% off, x8= $16.48 (had 2 $1.50/2 and 4 $1.25/1 = $8 in Qs) - $8 = $8.48 get $10 RR making this a $1.52 mm for 8 dove deos!!!!!! 3 Reach/listerine 3 for $9 deals.. buy one of each, 2pk toothbrush, listerin 500ml and reach flosh (special marked floss) for $3 ea =$9. there is a $3/ the 3 items, making the OOP $6 and you get back $6 in RR making them free. I did have to use fillers, which is the dog pork treats, dog kiss toy, dog butcher bone, and 2 bunny suckers (for easter baskets!)
ah and can't forget FREEs from NENA!!! cat treats, from the Kroger deal, she used her Qs as filler, to get other items free, how smart is that!!
Walmart and Petsmart
got 5 2lb bags of kitten food at Walmart around $5, had $5 coupons for each making them FREE
I bought them out, so I had to go down to Petsmart to see their stock.
Petsmart, they had 3 2lb bags @ $4.49 and I picked up 2 4lb bags of puppy food for $5.99 total $25.45 before Qs, used 5 $5 coupons for a total of $0.49 !! soo close to free, but less bags I have to hunt for later, and trust me I will have to hunt, lol. the overage from the $4.49 kitten food bags ate up most the .99 over from the puppy bags, how cool!

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