Monday, March 30, 2009

Walgreens day.. Randalls

oh no I heard the softsoap coupon has stopped rolling. no it cant be true!
will have to check that out.. have to leave. details coming later..
oh and I got accused of "cheating the system".. this is what us couponers have to look forward to, not acceptable!Randalls..
Halls 10 pk @$1.25ea = $12.50 used 10 $1.00 Qs = $2.50
Rice/Pasta-aRoni 4 @ $1.25 = $5 used 1 $1/4 Q = $4.00
Suave BodyWash 3 @ $2.00 = $6 used 1 $2/3, $1/1 (.50 DBL) and randalls free -$2 = $1
TresLeches $1.25 used $0.35 tripled, -$1.05 = $0.20
Peperoni $2.00
SnackPack $1.25
softsoap handpump $1.00 used $0.35 tripled -$1.05 = -$0.05
$10.90 - 2 $5 mega mix&match savings -$10.00 =
+tax .08 $0.98 OOP!!!!!


JANE4girls said...

awesome shopping trips! It is funny that people say "couponers cheat the system" when they can't get in on the same deals.

We are just being smart on how we shop and know how to get the best bang for our buck!

great job, keep it up! I wish I had couponed when I was your age.

Amanda said...

Thanks! I saw what you wrote about shelf clearers, and I try not to do that, by splitting my deals into different stores, differnt days etc. this is one of 3 Walgreens that I regularly go to that I heard this comment at, and it was only because we had to get manager help because the RR wernt printing.
I wonder why "those nay sayers" care enough to take the time to say we are "cheating the system", and they havent even taken the time to really know what we are doing. That time, I believe, is the difference between them becoming a couponers or staying the way they are. I guess the are afraid of change.