Sunday, March 8, 2009

hit up CVS Kroger Walgreens and Walmart

CVS - I had ECB to roll along with some rainchecks. I picked up the 3 Crest from there 1 was $0.99 after ECB, but $0.01 mm after I used the $1 Q. then the other 2 were free after ECBs, rolled EBC to buy them, which printed out more EBCs to use next time. I also have rainchecks for the complete eyewash, which were free after ECBs..
Walgreens - colgate and Razor. colgate was $0.99 after the easy saver Q with all you mag Q it was a $0.51 mm each. the razor was $8.99 -$4 insert Q and you get $RR back making the razor $0.99. ..$15.97 was the total before Qs -$3 (2 $1.50 all youQ) -$4 razor, -$5 ES Q, and used $3.50 RR from last week colgate deal (using a filler item) paying only $1-$2 OOP, getting $4 RR back.
Kroger - Tennessee gravy rainchecks for $1 ea, Q for $1 off, so FREE. 3 Glade plug-ins used free Q. and sale eggs $0.88/dzn w/ $10 purchase, which my total was $12-$13 before the coupons, and after it was $2.64, I had to only pay for the 3 dzn eggs! good deal
walmart - 3 plus in refills, used free item Q (peelie)

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