Saturday, March 28, 2009


After garage sale-ing all morning I wanted to grab a few papers since I know I will be needing some tomorrow during my couponing trips.
I saw on my CVS receipt that the limit for the crest had been increased (it had said limit reached as of tue), so I picked up another of those, and I had an online coupon for a free reusable bag or earth essentials paper towels, they didnt have the bag, so I got the paper towels.
trans 1
Houston chronicle, inserts shown $1.75ea =$3.50
used ECB $2.99-
Total OOP $0.51 (dumb yeah I realize now I have a gift card I coulda used)
trans 2
Crest pro heath $3.49 used $0.75- = $2.74
paper towels $1.29
CVS Free item $3.49- ( I didn't notice but he must have taken off the toothpaste price intead)
Total OOP $.0.54 total "cost/loss" this trip = $0.55

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