Monday, March 16, 2009

BEEF.. and pizza pockets

so Nena and I decied to go to the SAMS club and get a case of their lean ground beef. Their case runs about 80lbs. we didnt want 40 lbs ea, so I got my mom to go in and we split it 3 ways, about 26-27lbs each, and $47 each. good deal esp when I pay $3.19/lb at walmart, I love LEAN beef. maybe sometimes got it a little cheaper, but to knock it down I think this was a very smart way for us to go about it. This is my beef divided into 1 lb food saver bags, 26lbs worth, the last 11 I used in this next pizza pocket recipe.
I also saw on a fellow couponer's blog, a recipe for pizza pockets. I tried my hand at the recipe and they came out sooo yummy. not the prettiest, but VERY yummy to my tummy.
I had left over filling, and prob going to freeze that for future pizza pockets. I have already eaten 2 and the kids ate 1 (which are missing from pic)

recipe from JANE4girls blog

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