Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Wags.. Dove Soap

The 24HR wags near me had some single bars Dove soap, the one 25% off and on the RR deal. Well I thought they had 7 regular single bars, and so I grabbed 1 travel bar. I get up to the register, and when the cashier scans them we notice 2 dont have a bar code. I realize they must have come from a 2pk. she let me have them scanning 2 of the other bars in place. Which is a better deal since they are 4.25oz bars and the regular are about 3.5oz. Paid with $6RR from reach and about $4 OOP got $10 RR back, for practically FREE bar soap.
see 2 bars larger Dove on the right, the middle is the reg size, and one on the left is the travel size. they were all the same price $1.19
Veronica said whe wanted to be in this picture.. lol

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