Sunday, December 7, 2008

Right place right time! Petco & Merlin

I have a Male Boxer named Merlin he is 7.
He needed dog food before we leave town for a week. I put his lease on him and we both went together to the local PetCo. While buying dog food there I struck up a conversation with an employee there, and she told me I should stay for their dog contest. I hadn't heard about it, and figured since I had nothing to do I'd stay.
There were only 2 other dogs there and they won smallest dog, and biggest dog, (which merlin was supposed to win, but the guy brought the dog in last minute) look alike and best dressed. We won the look alike. haha. whatever, I don't care we had fun, met new people and got a free $10 gift card out of the deal.
Also before leaving another guy with is dog came in and he won best dresses, by default, lol. The employee gave us some free Purina items, along with another brand of dog food samples FREE
SO cool. I had contemplated not even bringing Merlin with me, glad I did though!!!
$10 petco gift card
1 frisbee
1 T-shirt
1 dog bowl
2 magnets (1 clip kind and other 1 frame)
1 fire rescue pet sticker
1 keychain clip
3 plastic cups
1 tennis ball
1 cat tail toy
9 sm sample size dog food
and here is Merlin!!!

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Nena2007 said...

YAY MERLIN! :) lol