Thursday, December 4, 2008


have I really not shopped that much!!
Black Fridaysale (really started thur cause they were open that day) (11pm wed-2am thur) was spent at CVS with my dear friend NENA!
we got a boat load of stuff FREE after ECBs
I have sorta fallen off the coupon wagon for the time being.. just kinda.. The holiday season is CRAZY and with travel coming soon, I am finding it almost impossible to do any coupon shopping. but my stash has a great deal of stuff in it so I am not too too worried at the moment! It has been a nice break so far, and I have not completely stopped couponing just slowed down a WHOLE bunch right now!! :)
check back to see when the shopping swings back into full coupon force!
CVS black Friday items!!
all FREE after EBCs (except skittles, that was for filler)
approx $0.08 OOP and $4 something on giftcard
OH yeah and I got another rebate.. for bundinos ($1.99) which I used a $0.50 coupon to buy

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Nena2007 said...

by the way... have you tried those Garnier wipes? I like them... if you don't... I will take them off of your hands :)