Tuesday, November 11, 2008

CVS - picking up raincheck items

so the razors were supposed to be $1 money makers, and the well patch I was supposed to get 5, and w coupon be a $1 money maker ea.. didn't turn out like that at my cvs, I did get the well patches free, and the razors for $0.99, but I only "made" $2 on this transaction because the well patches still have ECBs printing this month, but only $1 each. CVS-
Aquafresh whitening tray 4ct $1.59 (reg $15.99)
2 J&J 1st aid C-sec recovery pk - $0.99ea = $1.98 (reg$9.99 ea)
Lil legs tights $0.26 (reg$2.69)
2 Orajel toothpaste toddler $0.39ea =$0.78 (reg $3.99)
2 wellpatch 3pk $5.99ea =$11.98
Bic comfort 3 $3.99ea = $15.96
$32.55 total before Q
Wellpatch free raincheck FREE $11.98
Bic raincheck sale 0.99 =$12.00-
johnson $1/2 = $1.00-
2 Bic $2.00= $4.00-
aquafresh $1.59-
$1.98 + tax = $2.00 paid on gift card!


Jill Beth & Jennie said...

Can you tell me about rain checks at CVS?!? I didnt know we could do that! Do they give them for out of stock EBC items?!? Please share!

Amanda said...

I have seen different CVS do ECB rainchecks different ways. The most common way I get mine is if it is free after ECB, then the raincheck is for the free item, and the limit written in.. or whatever the price of the item AFTER ECBs is what they price modify the item as.
another way I've seen is they charge you for the item, you pay how you want to pay, then the ECB amount is given on a gift card.

Nena2007 said...

You are worse than me!! POST POST!! :)