Saturday, November 8, 2008

Target, Walmart, CVS

2 Lysol - $5.99ea = $11.98 (reg $10.99ea)
light bulbs $1.49ea = $2.98
magnets $1.00
confetti and picks $1ea = $2.00
$17.96 before Qs
2 Lysol $5.00 = $10.00-
$7.96 + tax = $8.62 - $5 gift card = $3.62 OOP

3 toothbrush 2pks - $3.99ea = $11.97
barbie holiday DVD - 16.99
Barbie Diamond Castle DVD - $19.99
Incred Hulk DVD - $24.99
$73.94 before Qs
3 FREE rainchecks for Toothbrushes $11.97-
CVS CRT $5/$30 = $5.00-
Barbie DVD WYB both movies = $5.00-
CVS ECB $5.00-
CVS ECB $2.58-
CVS ECB $2.00-
CVS ECB $1.69
CVS ECB $1.00
$39.70 = $3.28tax = $42.98 paid w gift cards NO OOP(yeah almost blew all my gift cards in one visit. I guess I cant have that much $$ in my pocket haha!! the Hulk movie was Paul's fault though!)

Walmart -
I saw these and had to have them.. they were on the clearance rack marked $3.00. most didnt have the $3.00 tag on the so I took them to the price checker just to be sure.. low and behold they all rang up for $1.00 each!! (well all except one boyish version) I picked up 10 for the girls (2 of each), maybe for now, b-day and Christmas I have so many. and I also picked up 3 as gifts..
so $14.07 OOP with tax for 13 shirts!!
CVS (forgot this one a couple days back)
candy cane lights $14.99
LED lights $4.99 clearance for $2.50
$17.49 paid w ECBs and gift card 0 OOP
Good ways to look cute and stick to a budget.. make your own bows.. just a couple of the many I have made so far. Very cheap to buy the supplies yourself than to buy them at a boutique and pay an average of $6-$8 PER bow.. some even more than that!!
yes I know I am behind on totals and transactions.. but hey, I've been busy. I intend on getting to it soo. I have the info right here. its just easier to post the pics :)

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Christy said...

Wow! You got a great deal on those shirts. Way to go!