Tuesday, July 7, 2009


I wanted to get a few random things. I ended up spending a bundle, the flipping 1 gallon of peanut oil was soo expensive!! but Alton Brown from "Good Eats" said you can get more fryings out of the oil and is just better. I did end up having issues with some coupons being missed, then they wouldnt accept 1 coupon for the KC masterpiece, which I did pay for then I just returned it at customer service when I went to redeem the coupons that had been missed. Heres what I got
Weiners 20 @ $0.77ea used 10 $1/2 = $5.40
Crisco Oil 2 @ $2.58 used $1/2 = $4.16 (which was cheaper than GV brand)
Peanut oil $13.68
Deli Pizza $5.00 ( I was supposed to grab a coke and use my $1 coupon DUH!)
Cones $1.00 (for all the ice cream we now have)
GV choc chip cookies $1.86 (to make a new treat)
Oreo Cookies $2.50 (these just ROCK, preggo cravings)
GV corn @ @ $0.63 = $1.26 (1 using for corn dog recipe)
Burrito $1.00 (don't shop while you are hungry, or preggo lol)
Brown Gravy 3 @ $0.50 = $1.50
Onion $0.19
Garlic $0.34
Corn on cob $0.64
Tomato $0.81
Assorted chops $7.96 used $6 Pork Q = $1.96
Kingsford Charcoal $6.49 used $4 Q = $2.49
$43.79 Total OOP ($64.79 before coupons)
buttermilk (for corn dog recipe) all - WIC


Nena said...

Hey chicky...did you wipe out the hotdogs? LOL I need to go get me some!

Anonymous said...

Wow! What a great trip - are the O/M hot dog wieners on roll back/sale or is that the regular price? I need to get myself some too : )


Amanda said...
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Amanda said...

The regular 10 pk of "wieners" are on sale at my most local Wal-Mart (which luckily is about 3 min away). I've been to 3 other stores besides that one that are somewhat local, and they are all $1.50/ pk