Thursday, July 2, 2009

I hate Target

I hate Target right now. I am having issues with their customer service. I hadnt been in 1 1/2 months, I had to temporarily "give in" and get this one deal. I didn't even look at anything else, I made the girls avoid the $1 spot as well! we will see if the redeem themselves, and I start shopping there regularly again.

Eggo bakeshop on sale $1.50ea I bought 8, used 8 $1 Qs = $4.00

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Baby Maker said...

I know the feeling, the last time I went in my closest target I left crying because they treated me like a criminal for wanting 5 boxes of Granola bars (.16 each after coupon). They berated me and talked down to me and CS backed them up. I vowed never to return to that store and I haven't. I shop at one of the other bajillion targets near me that wont talk down to me for using coupons...Nothing good on sale next week either...'cept tp...charmin is 6.99 I think...