Sunday, July 12, 2009

CVS Sunday Midnight run

I don't normally do midnight runs, esp since DH works alot of Sat nights, but DH was off tonight, and I got to make the trip tonight.
Even at 12:30 midnight, they were almost out of a few things. I saw 2 other couponers leaving when I pulled up, with their tell-tell coupon binders. I also ran into a fellow HCW-er, who I just so happened to be PMing the other day. We were chatting about how our CVS was always out of our items on Sunday when the sales start, which now we know why, and we were trying to beat the rush. I would love to go into details, esp how I managed to spend 1 1/2 hours there, AND do at least 11 transactions, but OMG it is sooo late. be sure to check back tomorrow, I should have details up by then... good night!!
C3 T1
3 Pens $0.99ea = $2.97
Gillette Razor $7.99 used $4 Q = $3.99
3 Tylenol arthritis $3.99ea used 3 $2 Qs = $5.97
2 notebooks $0.99ea = $1.98
2 Rulers $0.99ea = $1.98
2 Glue $0.99ea = $1.98
$18.87 total, used $2.50 CRT off $10 pain relievers
$15.00 ECB, & $0.99 ECB $0.38 + tax $0.27 = $0.65 on gift card
got back $2.97, $4.00, $9.00, $1.98, $1.98, $1.98 ($21.91)
C3 T2
2 Scissors $2.99ea = $5.98
used $4.00 ECB & $1.98 ECB
got back $5.98 ECB
C2 T1
3 Pens $0.99ea = $2.97
Gillette Razor $7.99 used $4 Q = $3.99
3 Tylenol $3.99ea used 3 $2 Qs = $5.97
2 notebooks $0.99ea = $1.98
1 Scissors $2.99
2 Glue $0.99ea = $1.98
$19.88 used ECB $10.00, $5.00, & $4.00
total $0.88 + tax $0.31 = $1.19 on gift card
got back ECBs, got back $2.97, $4.00, $9.00, $1.98, $2.99, $1.98 ($22.92)
C2 T2
1 Scissors $2.99
2 Rulers $0.99ea = $1.98
4 Arizona tea $1 ea BOGO sale = $2.00
$6.97 total used ECB $2.97, & $4.00 total $0.05 on gift card
got back ECBs $2.99 & $1.98 ($4.97)
C1 T1 taking a break...


Laura said...

What is the deal on the teas?

Amanda said...

I am darn crazy about the Arizona green teas, and I saw they were on sale this week, BOGO, and that makes them $0.50 ea when you buy 2. I needed them as fillers too in a couple transactions, and thats another reason why I got them.

Amanda from Faith, Food and Family said...

Just curious since I am extremely new to this cvs stuff, but I thought they had limits of like 3 pks of pens, 2 glues, etc. Is that per day or how does that work? I'd love to get extras and wasn't sure how you did it. Thanks!
God bless,

Amanda said...

I have 3 cards that I use. I started with one, then started using my husbands, then I just got an extra. It is good for having new coupons on a newer card too. I don't always get the limit on each card, but school supplies you can never have too many with kids. I have my transactions set up as C1, C2, C3. my "main" card right now is C2

mrs. fisher's findings said...

Wow, way to go on getting there at midnight to get the deals. I don't think I could stay up that late. :) Here's what I got at CVS this week: