Saturday, July 11, 2009

Randalls - great trip

my trip wasnt too big, but it was all around a good trip, good customer service, friendly cashiers, got my deals. I had a coupon they missed last time, which was about a week ago for the 4th of July sale (I don't get there too often) it was the $4 coupon in that first transaction, and they handed me $4 cash back no problem. I also picked up a new Randalls card which hopefully will fix the e-coupon problems I have been having.
Gum 4 packs sale BOGO used 2 BOGO Q = $Free
Cocoa Krispies 2 (1 I gave to my mom) $0.99ea used 2 $1 Qs = -$0.01
Starbucks tiny ice creams 18 (2 were eaten today) $1 ea, used 9 $2 Qs pushed through by Mgr = $Free
Chicken breasts 4lbs frozen, sale $6.36 used $1 IP =$5.36
total $5.35 neg tax -$1.57 = $3.78OOP!!

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