Monday, June 29, 2009


Paul needed his RX filled and I ran across a $25 "check" for a transferred RX for Walgreens that I needed to use since it expires TOMORROW!.. I didn't want to spend it all at once, but that was the way it had to be done per the small print. Oh well I found some things to buy with it.
Angle soft 12pk TP $5.99
Pull Ups 5 @ $2.89 used 5 $2 Qs = $4.45 which we currently use, and were getting low on!!
Oreo Cakesters 2 @ $1.19 = $2.38
Dr Pepper $1.49
Lays 2 @ BOGO = $3.99
Disney coloring books 2 @ 2fpr $5 = $5.00
Hello kitty coloring book $3.00
goldfish $1.79
Right guard Deo $2.99 used $1 Q = $1.99
total $30.08 used $25 check = $5.08 + $1.56tax = $6.64 OOP! got back $2 RR from Right guard
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Baby Maker said...

what is the deal with the pullups? I could def use those, much better than the 16.xx I am paying right now!

Nena said...

I'm glad I don't need pull ups because I never find the deals and I would be way jealous! lol

Amanda said...

I actually just "ran" across these pull ups, they are the "cool alert" kind. I remembered that they had been marked with the orange clearance stickers, and I bought them all a few weeks back, so when they had more, I just had to check to see if they were the same price as before, because the orange sticker was gone, and they were marker $11.99, the cashier did a price check and they came up $2.89!! I think I had like 1 1/2 pks left before this find, we use them at night and I was dreading having to pay $10/pk ($8 w/ coupon) when we ran out. now I just have to see if I can run across some more! I do have to say that buying pull ups is (using 1 per night) is so much better than having to buy diapers and using many per day!! but I am hoping for the day soon where we dont have to use pull ups, but I am content at this moment, BOTH kids out of diapers woohoo!!!

Baby Maker said...

I'll have to look for them, I got 6pks a couple weeks ago at target for $1 a pk after coupon and GC (but you said you stay away from target) my youngest uses cloth diapers, the oldest is daytime trained but still wont poop on the potty and still needs pull ups at night...*sigh*

Amanda said...

I did cloth diapers awhile back, but stopped because I had a full time job and 2 in CDs was impossible, esp when the sitter hated them and didnt care for them correctly. I ~might~ consider CDs again if I had another.
But yeah I would check them out, its only the girly kind of the "cool alert", I thought it would be both, but the blue boyish prints ring up $11.99, I would have bought both if they were both the same price, who cares what color and character they are.. good luck