Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Organizing here and there

I had a couple different things I worked on and wanted to post them together, plus I am participating in Organizing Junkie's monthly round-up ~ Vehicles (bottom of this post)
first I started out with my spice and such cabinet. I had to toss alot of thing to get everything to fit properly, but it was stuff that hadn't been used in a long while. Notice everything on the counter, that had to go in there as well. second, I have been putting off the top of the fridge for awhile, why, I dunno, I guess because its not directly in my sight I would just forget about it. I tossed alot of candy wrappers, the pretty much empty boxes of Valentines clearance candy, papers from around the sides, and wrapping from the packages of water that had some waters that were gone.

Organizing Blog
and finally Org Junkie's monthly organizing round-up ~ Vehicles . I didn't end up doing, much but the little bit I did do has helped in a HUGE way.
I am always ending up with trash around the van and the girls help contribute, I watched a car organizing short video and it suggested hooking a grocery bag on the arm rests between the 2 chairs, so I did, and I am so glad I did. The girls even like it and are using it regularly which is a huge help, since the van is so big, keeping it clean can be hard when trash is all over the place.

I also added I basket in between the girls seats for their random items, like toys, books, headphones etc, and with the handles I can use it to periodically bring in all of the toys when it gets too full, or the girls can use the handles to pull the basket up to get to the bottom of it.


Baby Maker said...

oh how I wish my van was that clean...it is saaaaad. LOL. I keep a WM bag between the front seats but it is never enough! I think I am gonna try to clean it out this weekend since the boys will be at their dads, and since he will have their huge carseats (2 regents lol) I can finally clean it out...it is awful their is stuff stuck all behind thier carseats and the floorboard is covered in toys...I just never have the motivation to do it....I have an apt at the RE tomorrow for my bloodwork and the saline sono and to learn injections so maybe while I am out I will stop somewhere and clean it out...haha

Contemplative Mom said...

The basket between the seats is great. I need to find something like that for toys and books between our car seats.