Thursday, June 25, 2009

Coming back... slowly

So I had a bunch of CVS ECBs that were expired by a couple of days and our store only accepts up to 1 weeks expired, so I wanted to make sure I didn't lose $24 in ECBs (between 3 cards), just by being lazy. I didnt find much I wanted, there wasn't a goody basket of clearance items like I had hoped, but I found some things to spend them on, and also came across some Free after ECBs SoyJoy bars, which meant I could have a money maker on those, instead of blowing a losing all the ECBs, I would get more EBCs in return! finding Free after ECBs items in the store after the sunday sale start day is rare, so this had me kinda excited even though I am not fond of the way they taste. DH claims he likes them, but I guess I hadnt gotten them in awhile, so I don't remember, so well see if he ends up eating them.
split up 3 transactions
SoyJoy 14 @ $1 each, used 7 BOGOqs - $7 = $7
used CVS ECB -$6 paid $1 on RX gift card, got back $12 ECB ( I see now I shoulda bought 2 more DUH!!) I coulda got $16 back for spending only $1 more!
Sally Hanse nail polish sale $1.39ea = $2.78
CVS TP 2@ $5ea = $10
used CRT $2/ $10 CVS purchase and $10 in ECB = $0.84 on RX gift card
soy joy 8 @ $1 = $8
$0.99 cotton candy
used $8 in ECB $1.00 on RX gift card! $0 OOP!!
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Baby Maker said...

i dont like the soyjoy either, they had a strange texture/taste...i think i finally ended up sending them home with some unsuspecting person lol. I think i let my ecbs expire too after I moved...just no time...

Amanda said...

My CVS was taking ANY expired ECBs, but now only a week and said they may change that too?!
I let a bunch of RRs expire from Wags recently, though, they dont take expired RRs and they only last a week or two anyway which STINKS!
Thanks for the comment!