Monday, June 1, 2009

Surface / Shelf Organizing - org junkie

I am participating in's

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Surface / Shelf Organizing. I picked my Baker's Rack.

Here is a Before Pic.. This has been one of my "catch all" areas.During Pic... took everything off sprayed down and wiped the whole thing down with pledge all surface cleaner from THIS Randalls blog post. I even Sprayed the floor and baseboard with Clorox cleanup with bleach, since it is a hard area to clean with a mop or swiffer wet. The floor and baseboards turned out VERY white and clean!

And After Pic... Very minimal and clean open feeling

any suggestions comments??

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Nena said...

Ohhhhh!! It looks so nice and clean :)

Evening Shade Morning Latte said...

That looks so nice. You did a great job!

As for suggestions...wanna come organize my bakers rack for me?!? *grin*

~Warm Cozy Wishes

Laura said...

Wow now that's a difference! Way to go!!