Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Randalls...w/ OOP adjustments

I had to get a "refund" on some coupons I forgot to use, plus I also needed to pick up bread, eggs, and cheese. I am going to edit the previous deal posts with the new info, but it includes 1, $1 coupon for the Quaker Quakes, 1 $1 in-ad store coupon for SunChips, $0.50 in ad store coupon for CapriSun and a $0.50 refund on a cheese exchange, since the mozzarella I bought there tasted not so goo (all the other cheese tasted fine though)
Bread $1.39
Pickles $3.29
Dial 3 @ $1 used 3 $0.35Qs = $Free
$4.68 used 2 $2 OYNO cats + neg tax = $0.35OOP -$0.50 refund for cheese exchange -$0.15OOP
Wic 1 cheese and 1 doz Eggs

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