Thursday, April 23, 2009

Beans and Rice - Pinto Beans

Start with 1 or 2lbs of dry pinto beans (I used 2, as I like to have leftovers to freeze!)
wash and rinse a couple times, then let beans soak in water overnight. Drain in the morning.
take at least 3 cloves of garlic and mince/chop it into the beans. (I like to used alot of garlic probably 5 cloves)add in a little pepperadd in 3 Tablespoons chili powderadd approx 14oz of salt pork, I used sliced and broke up as I added itadd in one whole onion chopped, or if you have picky eaters cut in half for easy removal after cooking.add in 2 quarts of water
Stir ingredients
place crock pot on high and cook all day, ready for dinner.
last step I add in a sliced up sausage towards the end of the cooking.
cook up some rice, steamed or boiled, serve beans over rice.
season with salt to taste or garlic salt to taste.
YUMMM serve with cornbread recipe show in next post(coming soon)


Joy said...

Have you tried it without the pork? I'm wondering how it turns out...probably need some extra flavoring...maybe bouillon cubes or something instead. I'm not a big fan of pork, but these beans sound GOOOOOD, and we have tons of pinto beans.

Nena said...

I tried this tonight... it was SUPER YUMMO! We have lots of leftovers to freeze :) 2 lbs definatly goes a long way! Do you use your foodsaver to freeze it?