Wednesday, April 8, 2009

awesome neighbors.. Wags WalMart, & CVS

having awesome neighbors also ROCKS they shared a BUNCH of cooked crawfish with us!! They ROCK!they filled the plastic container 2xs, and then filled the oval container, and we have eaten on it 3 times so far! It is soooo yummy. the girls had fun playing with them too, haha.The walgreens diapers are exchanges from a previous huggies deal.. Paul was having issued with the tabs, and wanted me to exchange them for different brand. I had no probs with wags diapers before so I exchanged for them. Huggies are $9.99/pk when I bought them, and this week the Wags diapers are on sale 2/$9 ($4.50 ea) so this was a total SCORE!! esp since they are just going to get crapped in and peed in and thrown away. Who wants to spend tons of money on that! 15 pks of huggies exchanged for 32 pks of Wags diapers! with about $5 left on a gift card!!
I still have 4 pks of huggies I need to exchange that means 9 more pack of diapers (10 if I use the rest of the gift card)!Walmart
Doritos $2.50
Bandaids 3 @ $1.88 = $5.64 used 3 $1 Qs = $2.64
Bandaids 2 @ $1.18 = $2.36 used 2 $1 Qs = $0.36
Buddies Bar soap $0.97 used $1 Q = -$0.03
Baby swabs $1.38 used $1 Q = $0.38
Thumbelina DVD (easter gift)$14.96 used $3 Q = $11.96
easter eggs = $2.00
Hi-C juice box $1.68
Lipton tea 20oz $1.38
$22.87 OOP

Photo box $1.49
Mix-ups candy $5.99
star bursts $3.29
peeps $0.69
used $3.49ECB
$3.99 & $3.49 = $0.36 on gift card

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