Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth Day!!!

Happy Earth Day everyone!
There are a few stores out there running a special of a FREE reusable shopping back with purchase and or coupons, with % off in addition to getting a free bag.
These bags are GREAT for pretty much anything, esp your groceries. The thick lining makes it easier to fit and be able to hold more groceries than a plastic bag, the wide straps are designed to be carried on your shoulder and make carrying many groceries at a time, a cinch, and not painful at all.
Be sure to get out and get your free reusable bags, and do your part to be green!
oh and to help remind you to use them, after bringing in your groceries with them, either stack them on top of your purse or other item you use when you go to the car, or just bring them right back out to the car. Once you get into the habit it is very easy to remember, plus what a great habit!
Walgreens is offering a 15% off coupon, plus FREE reusable bag.
In celebration of Earth Day April 22 H-E-B will be providing customers with coupons for reusable bags in exchange for five plastic bags. From 3-7 p.m., customers can bring in plastic bags from any retailer to receive the coupon (one per person) while supplies last. The company plans to give away 300,000 reusable bags state-wide while recycling 1.5 million plastic bags.
Other ways to "go Green"
1.Recycle. if you dint have a community pick up, find out where your local center is and make regular drop offs. Also recycling your news papers are easy as well. Most schools have a a green and yellow paper recycling bins outside their school, which also benefits the school monetarily.
2. Use "green" products, that are safe for the environment.
3.Replace bulbs in you home with energy efficient ones.
4. Plant a tree or other vegetation.
there are many many other ways to go green... what other things can you think of?

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Nena said...

You are so green amanda :) I'm about to head to Wags for my free bag!