Sunday, April 26, 2009

CVS again

so they didnt have my prints earlier so I had to reload them and go back. 50 Free prints cool, I used 49 since a ton of my prints are on an external hard drive in the other room and not on my desktop.
I did run across some other coupon in inserts I must have gotten from the recycle center, thats how I got the garniers.
and the printer machine printed out an CRT for $2 off 2 gold emblem nut product, which I found chocolate covered peanuts are $0.99ea!! FREE, yum, we already ate one, between us 3 girls!
Choc covered peanuts 2@ $0.99 used $2/2 = -$0.02
Cheetos $0.99
Lindt truffles $0.89 (reg$8.99)
49 Prints used promo = $Free
Fructis 2 @ $2.99 used 2 $1 Qs = $3.98
used $2 ECB 1st trans adjusted down to $1.97 $0 balance got back $2 ECB
used $3.49 ECB 2nd trasnaction paid about $0.20 gift card, got back $2 ECB

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