Thursday, April 2, 2009

New Budget.... plus Kroger visit (small one)

SO I have decided to go with a cash budget each month with the "envelope system". When the cash is gone, its gone. I am starting with what I would consider a reasonable amount for groceries, HBA (health and beauty aid), & general couponing etc budget. I have picked $200/mo as my budget which would be about $50/wk. Some weeks I may go over, some under, hope it will all balance out.
lets see how this goes.. rebates will be cashed at the bank, and added to a "free" money jar, to use as needed in the monthly budget, added to a savings account, or used to "splurge on another part of my budget. Clothing will not be added into this monthly budget, but have its own amount. Also any monies from the budget that are not spent within the month, will be added to a savings of some sort.
2 days into April, and I am only $0.08 OOP!
Barilla whole grain pasta closeout price $1.04 used $0.50 coupond doubled = $0.04ea = $0.08
Duncan Hines cake mixes $1 ea used $0.35 coupon tripled = both $FREE
$0.08 OOP

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